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Epic Quest: Scepter of the Shifting Sands, Green and Red Dragon Chain   Leave a comment

The second part of the scepter I decided to pick up was the part held by the Green Dragonflight, or to be more specific, Eranikus.

Now Eranikus can be found in Sunken Temple. If you’ve run the instance enough, and if you have picked up the quest item he drops, you know he’s become corrupted by the old Gods and therefore had to be killed. However if you take his Essence you can deliver it to his brother (after which the chain stops). Apparently he was however also the guardian of 1/4th of the Scepter of the Shifting Sands.
I travelled to the Sunken Temple and cleared everything up to Eranikus. Before you engage him however, an image of Malfurion Stormrage appears telling you that the only way to obtain the Scepter Shard is to make Eranikus manifest in the normal world (he’s trapped in the Emerald Dream). To start the endeavour to get Eranikus manifested Malfurion sent me to Darnassus. Which was quite a pain seeing as I’m A: Horde and B: Ofcourse there happened to be level 80 alliance there all to willing to gank me. I got away (luckily) and found the agent, a Forest Wisp right outside Darnassus on the Teldrassil side of the city. The Wips then told me that Tyrande has been notified of Malfurion’s plan and sends me to Moonglade.

When you get to Moonglade, you get to talk to keeper Remulos, one of the Sons of Cenarius. He sends you to get parts of the Nightmare’s corruption, something he needs to summon Eranikus to the living realm. You have to pick those parts, 4 of them in total, up near the portals into the Emerald Dream which are scattered over Azeroth. I decided to go to the portals in Ashenvale and Feralas first since I was on Kalimdor anyway and read that they increased the droprate of the figments to 100% from the little elite dragonkins that patrol the areas there. So I hopped on some mounts and flightpaths and killed some “portal trash” at Ashenvale, Feralas and Hinterlands. The last step was Duskwood and surprise! Ysondre (the World dragon boss) was walking around there. I asked my boyfriend to help me kill her, we eventually did while getting sleeped all the time (damn clouds) and I even got a nice quest item I’ll tell you about later. Anyway at the Duskwood portal I had to kill an elite satyr. The first time my boyfriend helped, he got mind controlled and killed me (like usual) so the second time I just soloed the satyr. Don’t be fooled, he had 323k HP and put up a hell of a fight. After that I had all four fragments and made my way back to Moonglade to hand them in to keeper Remulos.

Back in Moonglade I asked my boyfriend and a friend of mine to help me out with the outdoor raid that wouls tart as soon as you picked up the quest you got after delivering the Nightmare Corruption fragments. I read stories about it being a hassle but with 3 people the quest was a piece of pie. Keeper Remulos summons Eranikus at the lake and then runs to a house in Nighthaven. First a shitload of shades spawned that got stronger everytime they killed a player or an NPC. I read stories about people being overrun but we had no problems dealing with them (although an unfortunate Alliance druid got owned :P). After we’d killed enough shades, Eranikus landed (he was flying before) and we engaged him and nuked him down to about 20%. We saw Tyrande yelling the whole time but she was bugged because she didn’t appear! Anyway at 20% the fight stops, Eranikus is cleansed and chats a bit with keeper Remulos. At the end he entrusts his shard to keeper Remulos and returns to the Emerald Dream to aid Malfurion Stormrage and Ysera fight against the Nightmare. You have to get back to the place where Remulos stands, get your shard and then you’re done with the Green Dragon Chain!


Originally I wanted to give the Red Dragon Chain a post of it’s own, but because it’s so short I included it here. I did the Red Dragon Chain together with the Draconic for Dummies part from the Blue Dragon Chain. During that run I also acquired enough Elementium Ingots to not have to go to BWL again. Anyway here we go.

For the Red Dragon Chain you are sent to Blackwing Lair. More specifically to Vaelastraz who is being corrupted by Nefarian. Before you engage Vaelastraz I talked to him and picked up the quest for the scepter shard which was infact quite easy. Kill Nefarian within 5 hours of killing Vaelastraz. So we did and I got my Scepter Shard!


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Epic Quest: Scepter of the Shifting Sands, Blue Dragon Chain   Leave a comment

As you read in the previous Epic Quest post, Anachronos mentioned the three other dragons that have a part of the Scepter. After doing some research I decided to start on the part from Azuregos, the Blue dragon, because it’s the longest chain of the three and it can be paired with the chain from the red dragon (both have parts that take place in Blackwing Lair). To find Azuregos I had to go to Azshara. He patrols in the Southeastern part of the region and after running around for a good 10 minutes I found him.

From the conversation with Azuregos you learn that he is no longer the master of his part of the Scepter. He created a minnow and entrusted his part to that creature. To find the minnow you need to have an Arcanite Buoy, something which can only be created by a gnome in Tanaris named Narain Soothfancy. Azuregos gives you a magical ledger at the end of the conversation and you are supposed to bring that to Narain Soothfancy.

When you find Narain (he’s a bit north of Steamwheedle Port) he tells you that he can’t read the magical ledger and that he needs you to get some stuff before he can start on the Arcanite Buoy.
He gives you three quests. The first starts a chain to find “Draconic for Dummies” so that he can read the ledger. This chain will lead you through Blackwin Lair, Onyxia’s Lair and Molten Core. I decided to save that one for last. The second quest is to get Narain’s Scrying Goggles which are stolen from him by his ex BFF. Again I chose to save that one due to having to go into the Molten Core. Finally he gives you a quest to obtain a 500 pound chicken. I chose to do that one first.

The 500 pound chicken quest starts off in Gadgetzan at the butcher in the inn named Dirge Quickcleave. When you hand in the starter quest, “Never Ask Me About My Business”, he sends you to The Isle of Dread in Feralas to kill Chimaeroks for their meat and their leader’s carcass (Lakmaeran). The carcass should go for a 500 pound chicken, the meat is to satisfy the butcher.
The Isle of Dread is located in Western Feralas underneath the isle that has Feathermoon Stronghold on it. DO NOT TRY TO SWIM THERE, you’ll die of fatigue. Instead take the boat to Feathermoon Stronghold or swim there, then swim down to the Isle of Dread from that island. Take the eastern beach on the map, that will give you acces to the Chimaeroks.
The normal Chimaeroks have about 22-32k hp, easily soloable as fury warrior, but the droprate on the meats is horrid, only 7 on my first clear. They also have a 30 min respawn timer. The boss (Lord Lakmaeran) has 323k HP and is doable since he doesn’t do that much damage, he guarantees a Carcass drop. However you’ll have to camp on the isle for a bit untill you get 20 meats, it took me a total of 3 clears to get all (a total of 1.5 hours waiting time).
After you’ve acquired the meats go back to Tanaris and you get a follow up quest which requires 20 deeprock salt (best place for these are from the elite rocks down in south Tanaris near uldum) and 20 Goblin Rocket Fuel. To get the rocket fuel you need 1: A Goblin Engineer and 2: An Alchemist. I had an Alchemist myself, I just struggled a bit to find the Engineer. One of the ingredients for the Rocket Fuel is Volatile Rum. As Alliance you can get this from one of the vendors after you’ve killed Saurfang in ICC. As Horde you want a nice Alliance/Alliance alt or a lot of patience getting these things off pirates.  After you’ve completed that quest you get the 500 pound chicken for Narain and an epic cooking recipe: Dirge’s Kicking Chimaerok Chops.

The next quest I decided to pick up was the Draconic for Dummies questline. First off you have to get to an Isle way south of Tanaris. It’s really hard to get there, I died once of fatigue. The trick is that there is a mermaid who wants you to get a love letter to Narain. Do that quest and get back to her after that. She buffs you with a swim speed buff that should push you right onto the first island. The book is on the second island.
Once on the second island you discover that the book is gone and in it’s place there’s a ransom letter. Get the letter to Narain. He’ll then send you to Winterspring to see who’s behind all this. And surprise surprise: It’s an evil gnome! After Doctor Weavil recognizes you he calls a huge ape named Number Two to deal with you. Kill the ape (He’s really easy on 80) and get back to Narain.
When you’re back at Narain he sends you to pick up the chapters of Draconic for Dummies which are scattered all over the place. Nefarian, Onyxia and Ragnaros all drop a chapter. One chapter is found in Undercity in the Mage quarter, another chapter in the Stormwind Library. One chapter drops off one of the demon mobs in southern Winterspring, another chapter drops off a demon in the Blasted Lands and one chapter is dropped by Doctor Weavil himself, he is on Alcaz Island in Dustwallow Marsh. note of caution here, doctor Weavil MC’s for 2 mins. Once you are MCed you can’t escape (I tried soloing him and was stuck for 30 mins before my BF came to the rescue) so bring a few friends along! Once you’ve obtained all chapters you bind them together and hand the book in at Narain. Another problem was obtaining the chapter from Onyxia. She Didn’t Drop It -.-, needless to say I was furious, ticketed a GM (fuming with anger I might add) and amazingly enough got a response in less than 2 hours. Where the GM told me that I was eligible (or something like that) for the item and he/she had send it to my ingame mail (it was a friendly GM I might add :D). I squeeled and picked it up and handed the quest in, getting the “Kill Onyxia on Level 60” achievement on the way. It’s probably a bugg, but if I get to keep it I’m happy with it!

The last quest is to acquire Narain’s Scrying Goggles from his ex BFF who hid in southern Silverpine Forest, right at the Greymane Wall. Once you get there he sends you to Molten Core where the Goggles have a 100% dropchance off the trashmobs. Kill a mob, get the goggles and hand them in to Narain.

Now the most annoying part of the chain. Once you’ve done all the prequests Narain asks you to get the materials he needs to make the Arcanite Buoy. These are: 10 Elementium Ingots (only dropped by goblins in BWL), 20 Arcanite bars (an alchemist can transmute them using a Thorium bar and an Arcane crystal), 10 Blue Sapphires and 10 Azerothian Diamonds. If you’re very rich you can buy all these materials off the AH. When I took this part of the quest I already had 7/10 Elementium Ingots, some Arcanite bars and none of the gems. Luckily a friend of mine was on the same part of the quest, he had mined a boatload of Thorium, and could provide me with the 10 Blue Sapphires and the 10 Azerothian Diamonds. The remaining 3 Elementium Ingots I received in 2 BWL runs, one my main and one on my alt. After some AH scouring for Arcane Crystals I made all my Arcanite Bars aswell. I handed the quest in and got the Arcanite Buoy.

The last part of the quest I 2 manned with a friend who was also on the quest. We summoned the “minnow”, a shark called Maws and he was actually a quite easy kill. Due to him only dropping 1 Scepter Shard at a time so we had to kill him twice for both of us to get it. I finally had my Blue Scepter Shard!

My excuses for not implementing a lot of pictures, but it all went so fast that I completely forgot to make screenshots :<

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Epic Quest: Scepter of the Shifting Sands pt. 1   Leave a comment

So… I have decided to start one of the longest, most epic questchains Azeroth can give a player thus far. And one that is going to be removed when the Cataclysm hits our beautiful lands: The Scepter of the Shifting Sands questchain.

When I started the prequests I was already on 33.8/36k hated due to running AQ 40 a couple of times, once a full clear and others for mounts (I have all 4 colours). Yesterday I picked up the second quest (I had done the first, find Anachronos near the Caverns of Time) and hopped to Blackwing Lair to get the head of Broodlord Lashlayer. We cleared the entire instance (not a single Elementium Ore dropped :<) and I got some money, and ofcourse my head. Today I handed the quest in and got the repeatable quest to obtain 200 Silithid Fragments for 500 rep per turnin. After some quick calculations I figured I had to get 2400 fragments to become neutral, and for a person that detests grinding I went looking for other options.
What I found was that the trash mobs (Anubisath Sentinels and Obsidian Overseers) give 100 rep each when killed untill you hit Neutral or Friendly. So I took my boyfriend to AQ4 on his paladin (he still wanted the red and the yellow mount) and after about 8 runs killing the first 11 trashmobs I hit neutral with Brood of Nozdormu. Luckily enough my boyfriend got both his mounts so he was a happy camper aswell.

After hitting neutral I got send back to Anachronos who wanted me to go to the gates of AQ, look for a tiny red crystal (with a huge yellow question mark floating above it) and learn the secrets of the past. I saw how the gates of AQ were closed and that three dragons sacrificied themselves doing so. I also saw that Fandral Staghelm wanted nothing to do with the dragons anymore and that Anachronos the Ancient (aka his past self) picked up the fragments of the scepter that Fandral Staghelm destroyed. After that you get sent back to Anachronos at the Caverns of Time again and he hints that he has 1/4 of the scepter and that the other three parts are to be looked for at Eranikus (The ghost in Sunken Temple), Vaelastraz (the red dragon in Blackwing Lair) and Azuregos (the blue dragon walking around in Aszhara).

And that’s actually where the real hard part starts. On the next few days I’ll post the Red dragon chain, the Blue dragon chain and the Green dragon chain in obtaining the Scepter.
For all the people that want to do this quest also before it disappears. If you want to farm Brood of Nozdormu rep, DO NOT DO THE REPEATABLE ONLY. The best way to get rep is to get a friend, clear the trash before the first boss (which is 11 mobs x 100 rep = 1.1k rep) and keep resetting untill you’re locked out of the instance. Inbetween lockouts do the repeatable quest. You’ll get to neutral fastest this way.

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A Little Side Project   Leave a comment

I haven’t been blogging much at all lately, this is due to school and WoW being a bit more demanding of my time than usual. One of the reasons I’ve been spending so much time on WoW is because I finally levelled a class to 80 that I have been wanting to play since I first laid eyes on the game: A Druid.
Tonight I dinged 80 after doing the first 60 levels with RAF and the last 20 with levelling my way alone through Outlands and Northrend. All this time I’ve levelled as Balance since I disliked feral… I already have a rogue and it feels much to roguey for me. Now that I’m 80 I decided to go Restoration as mainspecc. Ever since I’ve abandoned my priest I never really healed on a char again (some attempts on my paladin though) so I decided to try out druid healing and I really feel comfortable doing it. It (to me) feels similar to priesthealing, with lots of AoE healing, and that’s probably the reason why I like Restoration so much.

As for now the big gear grind has begun again starting with nothing but blues and the two Brewfest trinkets I was able to get my hands on before it ended (I actually dinged 78 about half an hour before Brewfest ended :P). Mostly I’ll be getting offset items since with the upcoming patch all your emblems are going to be transformed into Justice Points anyway and I want to save up for tier 10.

Unfortunately I’m really inspirationless at the moment so I just made this little post to let you guys know what I’m doing right now. Oh… And meet Jhaelyn, my lovely new level 80 Restoration Nightelf Druid!

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Achievement Galore   1 comment

A few nights back our guild was bored. So bored that we decided to make a 10 man TotC run for all the achievs. I tagged along eagerly since I was only 55 points away from obtaining 9k achievement points. It started off great, untill we came to the Anub’Arak Achievement. It proved to be more than just a pain in the butt, so we decided to finish him off normally and stick a TotGC 10 man to the raid.
For the record, I had never done TotGC past Lord Jaraxxus on my warrior and on my hunter I only did endless wiping on 25 man Anub’Arak hardmode so I prepared myself for a wipefest. Hoewever none of this turned out to be true and we flew through the bosses, and eventually Anub himself too (altho we suffered some casualties there hehe). I got about 80 achievement points that night. My Feat of Strength for obtaining 9000 Achievement points and to my surprise I won the mount from the Tribute chest aswell. A good night, with lots of fun and Achievements!

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A List And A True FML Moment.   2 comments

A while ago, I made a post with all the stuff I wanted done and wanted to get on my warrior before Cataclysm would hit. Some of the stuff I’ve done, others I’m still working on, especially the obtaining of rare mounts.
I’ll be fair here, I’ve been lucky with them quite a bit, but others I’ve been very unlucky. I have a pretty big collection already which you can see when you click on the link to my mount collection, but today I’d like to share with you the list of mounts I’m still after and probably one of the biggest “fuck my life” moments in WoW.

Blizzard has added a lot of new “chance on getting mounts” when they released Wrath of the Lich king. A lot of bosses in this expansion have a chance to drop a mount one way or the other and a lot of  Achievements also reward you with a mount. Here’s the ones I haven’t been able to obtain in Northrend. First the boss drops, then the randoms, followed by the achievement ones.

  • The Blue Drake (Drops from Malygos 10 man/Oculus hc random). Saw it drop once from Maly, didn’t win it and I’ve never seen it in a Satchel from Oculus (yet atleast)
  • The Azure Drake (Drop from Malygos 25 man). Since no one is doing Maly 25 man anymore, the chance of me seeing it drop is VERY VERY small. Obtaining it is even smaller.
  • Invincible/Mimiron’s Head. Heroic Lich King 25 and Yogg Saron with no keepers up. Almost impossible fights unless you’re in a real good guild. On Vashj there’s 1 person with Mimiron’s Head. Heroic Lich King is still up, so there’s no one with Invincible yet.
  • Crimson Deathcharger. Due to me being a Warrior and being on the Shard quest for Shadowmourne I do have a chance of obtaining this mount. This most likely will be in Cataclysm tho.
  • Next up: Time Lost Proto Drake. I have been hunting for this one, Jaedia over at Lazy Sniper found it on her priest (I gratzed her with it ^^) but overall I haven’t really cared for it lately. I hope to come across it some day tho.
  • Green Proto Drake. I’ve been buying the damn eggs for weeks, but no luck.
  • White Polar Bear. Same with the eggs. Doing daily (almost) every day, but no luck
  • Ironbound Proto Drake. I miss 4 achievements for this drake. One of them being Yogg +1. Which still is almost impossible…
  • Icebound Frostbrood Vanquisher. 25 man ICC meta achievement. Since my guild is still struggling with Putricide heroic and Sindragosa heroic isn’t even on the menu, I doubt I’ll get this mount at all. Don’t get me started on All you can eat btw -.-

Apart from these mounts, I have been able to obtain alot of the other mounts currently available in Northrend (I’m quite sure I’ve forgotten a few but they didn’t come to mind when writing this post). Yes I’ve been lucky with both Sartharion drakes and the Blue Proto Drake. I’ve worked my ass of for the Glory achievement drakes and in all Honesty I’m too lazy to pick up all the Tournament mounts and the mounts that cost me a lot of money (aka Passenger Mammoths from Dalaran and Sons of Hodir). I’m also still after some of the older mounts.

  • Ashes of A’lar. Me and my BF might be running this in Cataclysm. Who knows? Maybe you’ll get lucky…
  • Reins of the Raven Lord. I’m currently running this almost every day with a  guildie, but again no luck so far.
  • Razzashi Raptor. No luck with this one dropping either. I do have the tiger tho, and I’m grateful for that.
  • Kara Mount. It’s a Vampire Horse on Fire. Ive seen it drop once, but didn’t get it. Do want it! Just cause… It’s a Vampire Hors on Fire!
  • Baron Rivendare Mount. I hate this guy. I really do. I’m 170 runs so far, not a single drop yet. If I get it I swear I’ll never do Stratholme again. Ever.

As you can see, I’m still after a bunch of mounts. The chances of obtaining some are really slim, even tho I do hope to get them one day. I try  not to get too frustrated when things wont drop… However today my sanity was really tested beyond belief.

As you all know, or might not know, I’ve transferred my rogue of Vashj to Silvermoon. With her I have almost no money and no rep with important factions so I try to do my dailies everyday. Due to me spending my time on my warrior doing the Polar Bear daily, I didn’t really feel the need to do it on my rogue. However, after spending a lot of money on gems and enchants I figured, why not do the daily? I still had an old daily in my quest inventory but could pick up a new, different one. I did them both and after I handed the first one in I had (as usual) Yeti cheese in my bag. I shrugged and opened my second bag and found an epic… Reins of the White Polar Bear. The mount I’ve been after on my warrior for AGES. I facepalmed so hard that my boyfriend was like “are you ok?”. I just pointed at the screen. He told me that I “should be happy” that I got it on atleast one char. On one side I AM happy. On the other side IT’S THE WRONG CHAR GODDAMNIT! *Let’s out a HUGE sigh* I’ll get over it. I atleast have now 2 cool mounts on my rogue (White Bear and Flying Machine), but I’ll still have to do the daily on my warrior everyday… I hope RNG will treat me well and makes a mount drop for me. Otherwise it’s still some money that can go to (maybe) another mount. I’ll end this post with a screenshot of my Nightelf Rogue on her Polar Bear in a nightly Dalaran.

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A Break, A Transfer and A Legendary   Leave a comment

They say all good things come in three right? That’s why my title is in three.

Lately I’ve taken a much needed break from the blogs seeing as how Real Life walked by and slapped me in the face. Due to some family related stuff and some school related stuff, my thoughts were nowhere near my blogs. However the temporary break is over and I am back in action (I hope). So let’s move on to the next topic.

As you all know, or may not know, my main is my Troll Warrior on Vashj-EU. I’ve always been an Alliance on this server, I leveled as Alliance, played through TBC as Alliance, actually in TBC the Alliance side of Vashj was better than the Horde side untill some major guilds left (Crooks, Serendipity), and spent a great deal of Wrath on the Alliance side of this server.
When Wrath hit, most major Alliance guilds had fallen apart or were raiding a bit too hardcore for my taste. I started out in The Legacy, a really old guild trying to resurrect but it quickly fell apart, after that I moved to Wrath Of Alliance, but in the end it wasn’t the guild for me. During that time a lot of major guilds on Vashj Ally were reduced to mere 10 man guilds or simply vanished. When we (me and my boyfriend) decided to leave WoA, we made the decision to roll Horde because we saw no future in the Alliance side anymore. I started out on my hunter, but quickly made my warrior a Horde and rolled to her.
In the meantime I left 3 80 chars on the Alliance side of Vashj to dust away. One of them was my old main, a holy Draenei priest called Chosen, another one probably my favorite char after my warrior, my beloved rogue Hyourinmaru. During the time we’ve now spent on the Horde side of Vashj, the Alliance side has died even more with one of the most well known and oldest guilds leaving and all other guilds struggling to recruit, hell even pugs aren’t going at Ally side anymore. Basicly Alliance Vashj is no more.
That’s why I’ve taken matters into my own hands and began searching for a nice Alliance friendly server, which I found on Silvermoon EU. The server is about 95% Alliance vs 5% Horde, they’re high populated and AHMIGAD Ironforge is bursting with activity again. I made a lowbie char and asked around how the Battleground queues were and was baffled by the sheer amount of pugs going on the server, they’re even pugging Halion heroic 10 man, something we on Vashj struggle to do with guilds. Anyway it turned out the Battleground queues weren’t horrendous (1-2 mins waittime vs up to 20 mins waittime on Vashj) so I decided to take a leap into the unknown and transfer my Rogue there, hoping that she will get a chance to bloom on this server, even if it might only happen come Cataclysm.
I also see this as a “backup” server for when things on Vashj go really bad (Vashj is a small server right now and there will come a time where you’ve had all the guilds and you’re kinda stuck on your own). Anyway, I need to play on Silvermoon some more to find out how friendly the server exactly is and how good the Alliance side of the Battlegroup is, but my first impressions are positive.

My last bit of news concerns my warrior. I’ve been running Molten Core every week for the past three months now and too my surprise two weeks back the Eye of Sulfuras dropped and I won it. It took me two weeks to get the mats for the Sulfuron Hammer together but I now have my first real Legendary weapon: Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros. I’ll leave this post with a screen of my Warrior with Sulfuras.

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