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20 Days of Warcraft: Day Two, Favourite Race and Why?   Leave a comment

We’ve come to the 2nd day of the 20 days of Warcraft challenge and today it will be about my favourite race. Keep in mind that the races I discuss I’ll discuss from the female point of view. I only play females, males are just a nono on my list.
Now this is a hard question seeing as I like more than one race. Let’s look at the ones I don’t like first.

Orcs, Taurens, Undead, Dwarves, Gnomes.
Orcs are a race I’ve never ever liked. The males and the females are just meh. Tauren are a race that only makes me wanna laugh, who wants to be a cow walking on it’s hind legs? Not me anyway.
As for Dwarves and Gnomes, they’re just too small and out of proportion. Undeads just creep me out due to the bones sticking out everywhere, even when wearing gear.
Now onto the races that I do like:

First off, Humans
My warrior has been a human for a long while and I really liked the race. It has a lot of benefits racial wise (especially the increased rep gain and the free pvp trinket) and two handers look absolutely awesome on a human female. It’s one of my favourite races, if not my favourite, to play as melee.

This race I like because of the lore. I’m a huge fan of nightelf lore and everything surrounding it. Also Shadowmeld is one of the best racials ingame. Especially Nightelf Druids I love and I think that with a slight hint over humans this is my favourite race.

Or Spacegoats. I don’t know what I like about them, maybe it’s their gracefullness, maybe it’s because they’re total aliens but I like their jokes, their voices and their casting animations. After a while the wiggling gets really annoying though.

Bloodelves are like the pretty dom blondes of WoW. They’re nice to look at but I always get the feeling that not much is going on in their heads. They are obviously evil in a gossip and disturbing kind of way. I like them, my pala/mage/hunter are all currently bloodelves but to be honest they bore me fast.

I know a lot of people are gonna look at me in a weird way now, but I actually kind of like trolls. They’re proportionate, have funny emotes, also have great lore and Berserking is probably my favourite Racial. I couldn’t think of any other race to roll my Warrior to and even now that I could potentially make her a bloodelf, I’ll stick to being a Troll.

All in all I think my favourite race is a tie between Humans and Nightelves, tipping the balance in the favour of Nightelves ever so slightly.


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20 Days of Warcraft: Day One, Favourite Class and Why?   Leave a comment

So I picked up on the 20 days of Warcraft challenge through Jaedia from Jaedia’s Menagerie and decided to give it a go. So here’s my day one: Favourite Class and Why?

This is actually an easy question for me to answer. It’s the class I play as main now, that was my first level 70, my second level 80, which I loved playing as alt but which I really came to enjoy as main again: The Warrior.
I like my warrior so much because it’s a really versatile class. When I started one I was an angry heartbroken girl (exes you know) and I wanted a character that would jush bash in enemies’ heads. I leveled my Warrior at the first half of TBC, when the experience boost wasn’t there and when epic riding was still level 60 and costed 600g. I leveled her as arms (big ass 2handed weapons hell yeah) untill Blizzard made the stupid mistake to switch some Arms and Fury talents around (Sweeping Strikes/Rampage and Weapon Specialization). Then I temporarily dropped my warrior, only to pick it up a month later again to continue leveling as prot. I tanked in TBC aslong as my pc would let me (I had an old crappy one). But to raid I switched to a priest, which I’ve played untill TOTC in Wrath. My warrior was my first alt, my pvp alt which I loved but couldn’t reroll to due to lack of healers. When I rolled Horde I switched to my Hunter but transferred my warrior over to a troll not soon after. Now I’ve been playing her as main again for a while as Fury with a Protection offspecc and I still love it as much as the day when I made the char that could bash people’s faces.
For Cataclysm I hope to be able to stay Fury DPS, preferably one handed, but two handed will do aswell. If needed I can tank aswell, but my main focus will be DPS. And you have to admit, no matter what specc they are, if you see a warrior charging at your face with one huge weapon, two huge weapons or a huge shield you always feel a little bit scared.

I have to admit tho, I am a bit of an althoholic. I currently have 7 level 80’s and I find joy in playing them all. But I love my warrior the most.

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A Little Side Project   Leave a comment

I haven’t been blogging much at all lately, this is due to school and WoW being a bit more demanding of my time than usual. One of the reasons I’ve been spending so much time on WoW is because I finally levelled a class to 80 that I have been wanting to play since I first laid eyes on the game: A Druid.
Tonight I dinged 80 after doing the first 60 levels with RAF and the last 20 with levelling my way alone through Outlands and Northrend. All this time I’ve levelled as Balance since I disliked feral… I already have a rogue and it feels much to roguey for me. Now that I’m 80 I decided to go Restoration as mainspecc. Ever since I’ve abandoned my priest I never really healed on a char again (some attempts on my paladin though) so I decided to try out druid healing and I really feel comfortable doing it. It (to me) feels similar to priesthealing, with lots of AoE healing, and that’s probably the reason why I like Restoration so much.

As for now the big gear grind has begun again starting with nothing but blues and the two Brewfest trinkets I was able to get my hands on before it ended (I actually dinged 78 about half an hour before Brewfest ended :P). Mostly I’ll be getting offset items since with the upcoming patch all your emblems are going to be transformed into Justice Points anyway and I want to save up for tier 10.

Unfortunately I’m really inspirationless at the moment so I just made this little post to let you guys know what I’m doing right now. Oh… And meet Jhaelyn, my lovely new level 80 Restoration Nightelf Druid!

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A New (Old) Guild And A Fresh Start   Leave a comment

After a few weeks of schoolstress and guilddrama I decided that Vera Illumination wasn’t the guild for me. I talked things over with my boyfriend and he agreed that we could no longer stay there if we wanted to see progress and, even more important, a stable guild. Vera stabilized for about a week and then fell back into it’s old pattern. I discovered some skeletons in closets and when the GM wanted to repromote one of the officers that was the major cause of our guildproblems it was the final straw for me. I left Vera and got back into my old guild: Dice. I feel more comfortable here than I ever was in Vera and I don’t regret the decision at all.

There are however also some downsides here. I will be starting out as trial again, not that I need the loot, but I will have to work my way up again. On one side it’s nice to have that fresh start, but on the other side it’s really annoying with Cataclysm mere weeks away (I hope atleast). Anyway, I genuinely feel like I could stay in Dice for a long time, and I hope to be there when they down the first bosses, and hopefully the last ones too, in Cataclysm. For now I’m hoping to get promoted to member as soon as possible.

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A Break, A Transfer and A Legendary   Leave a comment

They say all good things come in three right? That’s why my title is in three.

Lately I’ve taken a much needed break from the blogs seeing as how Real Life walked by and slapped me in the face. Due to some family related stuff and some school related stuff, my thoughts were nowhere near my blogs. However the temporary break is over and I am back in action (I hope). So let’s move on to the next topic.

As you all know, or may not know, my main is my Troll Warrior on Vashj-EU. I’ve always been an Alliance on this server, I leveled as Alliance, played through TBC as Alliance, actually in TBC the Alliance side of Vashj was better than the Horde side untill some major guilds left (Crooks, Serendipity), and spent a great deal of Wrath on the Alliance side of this server.
When Wrath hit, most major Alliance guilds had fallen apart or were raiding a bit too hardcore for my taste. I started out in The Legacy, a really old guild trying to resurrect but it quickly fell apart, after that I moved to Wrath Of Alliance, but in the end it wasn’t the guild for me. During that time a lot of major guilds on Vashj Ally were reduced to mere 10 man guilds or simply vanished. When we (me and my boyfriend) decided to leave WoA, we made the decision to roll Horde because we saw no future in the Alliance side anymore. I started out on my hunter, but quickly made my warrior a Horde and rolled to her.
In the meantime I left 3 80 chars on the Alliance side of Vashj to dust away. One of them was my old main, a holy Draenei priest called Chosen, another one probably my favorite char after my warrior, my beloved rogue Hyourinmaru. During the time we’ve now spent on the Horde side of Vashj, the Alliance side has died even more with one of the most well known and oldest guilds leaving and all other guilds struggling to recruit, hell even pugs aren’t going at Ally side anymore. Basicly Alliance Vashj is no more.
That’s why I’ve taken matters into my own hands and began searching for a nice Alliance friendly server, which I found on Silvermoon EU. The server is about 95% Alliance vs 5% Horde, they’re high populated and AHMIGAD Ironforge is bursting with activity again. I made a lowbie char and asked around how the Battleground queues were and was baffled by the sheer amount of pugs going on the server, they’re even pugging Halion heroic 10 man, something we on Vashj struggle to do with guilds. Anyway it turned out the Battleground queues weren’t horrendous (1-2 mins waittime vs up to 20 mins waittime on Vashj) so I decided to take a leap into the unknown and transfer my Rogue there, hoping that she will get a chance to bloom on this server, even if it might only happen come Cataclysm.
I also see this as a “backup” server for when things on Vashj go really bad (Vashj is a small server right now and there will come a time where you’ve had all the guilds and you’re kinda stuck on your own). Anyway, I need to play on Silvermoon some more to find out how friendly the server exactly is and how good the Alliance side of the Battlegroup is, but my first impressions are positive.

My last bit of news concerns my warrior. I’ve been running Molten Core every week for the past three months now and too my surprise two weeks back the Eye of Sulfuras dropped and I won it. It took me two weeks to get the mats for the Sulfuron Hammer together but I now have my first real Legendary weapon: Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros. I’ll leave this post with a screen of my Warrior with Sulfuras.

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An Exclusive Look   1 comment

So… This weekend we had quite a surprise. My boyfriend who had opted in for the Cataclysm Beta, actually got in! This means that not only he, but also I can play and experience new zones/quests/BG’s/dungeons/abilities. You name it, I’ll play it.
I’ll be starting a series, mostly theorycrafting, about the various things that the next expansion has in store for us (and most of all my warrior). Which speccs are the most viable, how stats are getting altered, what the best place for starting is and stuff like that. I won’t be able to provide with actual screenshots or too much info since I do not want my BF to get kicked from the beta, but I’ll give some hints here and there.

You can count on Cata theories if my post starts with “An Exclusive Look”. If you are not interested in Cata, or don’t want to get spoiled do not read these posts! Untill next time.

-x- Sassiej

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The Joy Of Farming   Leave a comment

In my last post I was confessing to be an Achievement Whore. Which I still am. There is just one tiny little problem. The achievements I like the most are the achievements that will drive you insane. Literally insane. Like, Evil Clown Goes On Killing Spree insane.
Yes, the achievements I like to do most are the achievements that got a special tab. The Feats of Strength. I know you can’t get some of them anymore (hence feats of strength!) but a lot are still obtainable. In the form of… Mounts. And I so happen to be a mount collector aswell! Having obtained 101 at this moment (I love the Red Dragonhawk by the way) I only want to obtain more. Especially rare ones. I’ve been lucky on our Sarth runs, I’ve even seen the Blue Proto Drake drop and obtained it, but it doesn’t make me feel “special”. The mounts that do are the ones that give me a Feat of Strength. And there’s a reason that they will give a Feat of Strength. The majority is just simply IMPOSSIBLE to get. Well, almost impossible.

I have been really, really lucky in regards to obtaining the Zul’Gurub tiger. I’ve also been lucky to see the Swift White Hawkstrider drop after a month of farming. However with the Baron Rivendare mount I’m not so lucky. Actually now I feel how frustrating farming for something can be. So far I’ve done 82 runs (yes I know there are lots of people who’ve done a whole lot more) and I’m slowly beginning to lose my sanity. I’m running stratholme atleast 15 times a day since this week. I even get my boyfriend to help me out with some runs even tho he despises the dungeon and swears to God if he could he would kill Baron Rivendare personally if he ever sees him in the afterlife (he ran more than 1000 !! runs himself on various characters pre and post droprate boost). The Damn Thing Just Won’t Drop. And the most annoying is, you constantly see the dungeon. It has no lockout like almost every other rare mount drop does (either a day, multiple days or a week) you just have to reset it after you run out, so the only thing you do is run that thing over and over and over again untill you can walk to the mini-bosses with your eyes closed and one hand tied to your back. Even in my dreams, I run the Stratholme run.
But I’m determined to obtain the mount, even if I have to run the dungeon a thousand times. I want it that badly. Even more than heroic Lich King! Well, yes even more than heroic Lich King.

So for now I’ll keep on farming… Oh, the joy…

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