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A Ranty Warrior Post   Leave a comment

So I haven’t posted for a while, again, due to RL kicking in, again, and the launch of patch 4.0.1, something a lot of people have been looking forward to, me included, and also has caused a lot of drama, me included… So where to begin?

Let’s start pre patch. I still raid on my warrior almost every night and as a lot of other warriors I was used to being in top 3 damage on a lot of fights, especially Saurfang and Festergut. I did decently in PvP as prot and arms and had nothing to complain about really (except for that damned Baron Rivendare mount DAMN U BARON!).
Then was the day of patch 4.0.1, a day that will stick to me like a nasty fly because it was the day Blizzard killed Warriors, Ferals, Retri’s, MM hunters and Combat rogues and boosted Shadowpriests, Mages and Warlocks beyond belief. When I had to raid on my warrior the night of that famous patch I almost cried. My warrior damage was GONE. I barely hit 9k on saurfang, a fight where I was used to pulling 16k DPS. I had lost 7k DPS due to Blizzard making  a mistake with scaling ArP dependant classes. Soon the forums were flooded with complaints which led Blizzard to create an emergency patch, boosting Retridins, Warriors and Ferals and nerfing SP’s, Warlocks and Mages. Although that emergency patch saved warrior dps it came with a price:
What this basically means is that every fury warrior, albeit 1handed fury, needs to have 27% hit from gear. The last 3% they need (30% hit is currently the white cap) comes from the specc. Why do warriors need this kind of hit you ask? Well this is due to the new rage mechanic. Warriors only generate rage when they hit a target. The more they hit, the more rage they generate. This is not influenced by critical strikes, however it can be influenced by haste. Because the more you hit the more rage you generate you can’t really afford to miss any attack because this will lead to rage starvation (something I experienced firsthand). This means that Warriors had to, and have to, reforge all their gear to HIT especially when they’re not lucky enough to dualwield Cryptmaker (mace with hit and crit). And then they probably still have to gem or enchant a little to get to the cap.
For me this change was extra dramatic seeing as I was running around with (previous) best in slot Leather gear. Due to Plate specialization those gearpieces went from BiS to utterly useless and the only gear I had to replace my Leather pieces with was PvP gear. At the moment I ticketed Blizzard if they could be so kind to give me back my old plate bracers which had hit but which I sold (silly me). And I’m currently working on the pattern ICC boots to replace my PvP boots with. All in all my warrior has dropped about 1.5k attack power and 20% crit due to all these massive changes and I’m not liking it one bit. So far I’m as far as not playing my warrior at all when I don’t have to because every time I do I feel gimped beyond belief. Don’t get me wrong, the damage boost was quite nice, but seeing your heroic Deathbringers Will trinket reforged to hit makes you wanna die a little on the inside. So I mostly log on my warrior to raid nowadays and for the Headless Horseman mount which is available these few weeks.

For PvP the situation is much much worse. Due to PvP being heavily unbalanced, although Blizzard said they fixed it, it’s nigh impossible to play Arms correctly. After a few Battlegrounds I gave up because playing as Arms Warrior now equals free kills. Even Fury is better of now, especially as 1 handed, because the damage output is insane and they too have a healing debuff if they specc for it. I have yet to try Fury in the battlegrounds though because I’m still a free kill if there’s no healer to cover my lovely troll ass. I feel nerfed, underpowered and sad about the current state the Warrior is in. I really do hope it sorts out by the time we all hit 85 but for now I rather not set foot in BG’s on my warrior… Which brings me to scrape the 25k honorable kills achievement from my Cataclysm “to do” list and change it to something else…

That something else being my mage. I rolled her horde (I was really sick of being so small :<) and am doing BG’s untill my fingers bleed on her. I recently discovered the joy of being a Frost Mage and so far I’m loving it to bits and pieces. I literally can own ANYONE in the battlegrounds. It’s so nice and the total opposite of playing my warrior. Especially now that you can get full Wrathful gear (except for the shoulders) I’ve been farming honor like crazy trying to deck her out in decent PvP gear. With every upgraded piece I can actually see my survivability and damage going up and up. So far I picked up the Wrathful head, Relentless Chest, Wrathful Haste Neck, Wrathful Haste Offhand and Wrathful Haste Bracers. Next up on the list are the Wrathful Haste boots. After that it’s probably the pants but we’ll see. For now I’m killing Alliance like a real killing machine and am up to 2.2k Honorable Kills in less than a week (not bad for someone that has to go to school and stuff right? :D). I also managed to get the Headless Horseman mount on her (I rather see it on my warrior though) so I’m riding around on that making some people very very jealous.

I actually have much much more to tell but atm I wanted to get the ranty part of my chest and let you guys read what I’m doing (I had to shutdown WoW when writing this because I don’t want to miss a single BG queue on my mage hehe). Another post is on the way on the situation of my other blog and the current status of my baby druid. See you all later!


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Warriors And Bryntroll   Leave a comment

One of the most sought after and despised weapons in the game: Bryntroll, the Bone Arbiter. This 2-handed weapon drops from the first boss in Icecrown Citadel 25 man mode and has, as you can see, no stats other than a lifestealing procc. I’m linking the heroic one, because that’s the one I have obtained.
Why is it loved and despised? Well to be fair, the droprate of that thing has been insane for our guild. It dropped almost every week when we raided Icecrown and I think it’s getting disenchanted or given to offspeccs currently because they have no clue what to do with it. Some people tend to whine that it drops over more usefull items, something to which I agree partly. For our guild’s paladins and DK tank this thing is almost best in slot and so they didn’t have any problems with needing it. There’s only one more class that can do something with this weapon: the Warrior. And there is where my focus lies.

I needed this weapon over my 251 weapon that I picked up in a pug or an altrun once, Ramaladni’s Blade of Culling. As you can see that weapon has quite some expertise on it and the moment I replaced it, I knew I would be in trouble. My expertise fell down to 15 where it should be 26 and so I had to switch some gear around, downgrade a ring and eat expertise food to stay on that cap. Apart from the extra socket I recieved, I hoped that the lifesteal would come in handy aswell. I was unfortunately very very wrong. The lifesteal proccs like shit for a fury warrior. Not only that, I really resented giving up stats for a procc that sucked in PvE. The first chance I got to replace the thing was on a Lich King kill where he dropped his shiny sword which solved all my expertise problems and some more. The guild couldn’t understand why I would downgrade my heroic Bryntroll to a normal Glorenzelg. I kindly explained that it wasn’t only a DPS increase, but it also fixed my immediate stats problem that had arised with replacing Ramaladni. Afterwards I got told that that particular sword is practially Best in Slot as Mainhand and if you get a beter mainhand as Offhand for a warrior. Bryntroll however is almost number one on the sucky list. Well it is for fury, because for Arms PvP…

THIS WEAPON IS GOD! GOD I TELL YOU! HELL YEAH BABY. I might have to switch my specc around again, because my boyfriend recently found out that if you spam hamstring, the lifesteal proccs like an insane thing. What can you possibly wish for more than a weapon that heals you as warrior? Not only is it awesome in Arena, when used properly you can even survive in a Battleground a bit longer without getting healed. In that regard, Bryntroll is Best in Slot for warriors pvp wise. Not only because of it’s high damage and 3 socket spots, but because of the lifesteal that is so worthless in PvE. So where it’s a big thumbs down for a fury warrior, it’s a big thumbs up for Arms pvp.

Bryntroll is a weapon with two faces. Hated by fury warriors because it’s the last resort you take for your dps, but loved by arms warriors to pvp with because it’s the same lifesteal that is useless for fury that makes it the cutting edge for arms. I’m very happy I obtained this weapon. And I have to admit, the Battlegrounds look ever more luring if you know that you have that awesome weapon to kill people with…

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Failing Raids: Can you say no to a friend?   Leave a comment

I’m typing this blog from my boyfriend’s laptop while he’s playing my warrior in an ICC 10 man raid. I know it sounds weird but I really couldn’t be arsed to play her anymore due to 1: the raid taking ages, and 2: the raid failing. How did I get here? I’ll explain…

This afternoon a rogue friend of mine asked if I could fill up the last DPS spot in the raid that he had organized with the people from a LAN party they were having at another friend of mine’s house. I said: Sure why not.
Knowing that they were knowing what to do I expected a smooth raid with some laughs. We started fairly late, 5 pm and dinner was served at 6 so I had to go eat. After dinner I found out that the raid was still there and that everyone had eaten and that we were ready to go again. We one shotted Saurfang and moved on to Rotface and there was where the nightmare started. The add tank had never kited before resulting in oozes running around everywhere. Ok forgivable. Next try, healers were so busy dispelling that the tank who was tanking Rotface didn’t get any heals and died. Next try, again healers failing to heal, tank dies, raid horrible dies. The paladin healer who was there was whining about having to run to the addtank to drop off his ooze and therefore he couldn’t heal properly, we kindly asked him if he put up his beacon so that he could spamheal himself and the tank while running with oozes. No response and we figured he didn’t have a beacon up, we were right. At that point we were already 45 mins underway on Rotface and I started to get really annoyed. Not only were the healers fucking about, the dps was doing all but dpsing. Ret paladin under the tanks is just .. no.. So I asked my BF to take over so I could write this ranty ranty post about the raid that was failing.

If it were a pug I would’ve left, however these were my friends, well atleast some of them, so I stayed and let my boyfriend play my char so I could cool down a bit and maybe take over later on. I do however resent the fact that it can piss me off so badly. I know it’s a game, I know I should relax but I got more stuff to do than spending the entire night on a boss that almost all the server has on farm, the thing is I don’t want to let them down, even tho they’re giving my char the repairbill from hell at the moment.

They finally downed Rotface in the end, but I’m fearing Festergut and what he’ll do to rip the raid apart…

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The Raiding Blues   2 comments

No this is not about loot, this is about when you actually don’t feel like raiding anymore.

Lately I’ve been wanting to reroll to my warrior, badly. I don’t like my hunter anymore, she’s a pain to play on Lich King, she’s a pain to play in 10 man at all lately. I annoy myself at going oom or having major threat issues (FD get’s resisted often enough) and I hate it when I fuck up and come too close to a boss and start meleeing. Especially with the ridiculous huge hitboxes of Lich King and Marrowgar and Sindragosa, it can be a major problem.

One of the things annoying me the most is that people AREN’T DOING WHAT THEY SHOULD. For instance, in the phase transitions on Lich King you have these lovely Icy Orbs Of Doom. If they touch you you will get blown back, often over the edge and die. These orbs spawn at the Lich King and move towards the raid. When you have a 3 group setup the orbs will move to a person in one of those three groups. However the people who stand to the left cannot reach the people who stand to the right, so basically the left and right groups have to kill the orbs on their respective sides. However there are SOME PEOPLE who think DPS is more important than STAYING THE FUCK ALIVE. They don’t see the need of dpsing down the orbs and so they die and in doing so WIPE THE RAID. Which PISSES ME OFF! Especially if you got better things to do (study for a test -.-) and these fucktards make you wipe for more than an hour. And then they ASSUME that you AS HUNTER should kill ALL THE FUCKING ORBS because you’re a  hunter. And because you obviously can’t split yourself in 3, you can only down one orb at a time and if you have 2 orbs at the same height one will be bound to hit. And if you are on the orbs you can’t dps the other adds so the raid gets overrun with other adds especially if the rest of the dps doesn’t know what the fuck to do.

Another thing that annoys me is the retarded way ICC works. Of the 12 bosses in there about 3 or 4 are hunter friendly. Lady Deathwhisper, Festergut, Rotface (if you don’t get silly debuff on you) and Bloodqueen. Those are the fights you can really let loose as hunter. On marrowgar you have the silly bone spikes, ridiculous hitbox and bonestorm. Gunship is a stupid fight for all classes, Saurfang requires a hunter to jump back and forth with traps. On Professor there’s too much movement and switching to adds. Dreamwalker exists of shooting at some random adds while waiting for the healers to do the real job, Sindragosa puts a stacking debuff on you to the point that you HAVE TO STOP dpsing, not to mention the stupid icetombs. Blood Council is utter chaos where you as hunter are supposed to deal with Kinetic Bombs, and often in my world that means solo dealing with 3 or 4 of them on 25 man. And Lich King… Let’s not go there, basically you get to do all but DPSing in that fight.

So if you mix all this together and put it in 2 raidnights, no wonder I get cranky or tired of my hunter. And believe me, with being a trial in my boyfriend’s guild (yes I’ve decided to move) it’s a bad time to hate raiding. Especially on a char that is the same class as the GM…

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