Me & My Chars

Blasting Away

The name used to come from my hunter and mage, now however it’s more related to my warrior and how she Blasts Away with damage, threat and achievements.

Who Am I?

I am me! 21 years old, student at university (doing Psychology) and currently totally addicted to playing World of Warcraft. Nice to meet you! My homebase is Amsterdam, the Netherlands where I also study. When I’m not playing WoW I obviously go to school, hang out with friends, spend time with my boyfriend and work out. I don’t really watch TV, but I like to read blogs or watch shows on because I tend to miss them on the telly here.

Who Am I as Gamer?

WoW is the only game that ever got me hooked up. Sure I have a PS2 with some games for it lying around, but I never seem to be able to get myself to playing them for longer than maybe 30 mins. I think it’s the lack of social contact that is keeping me from playing them. On WoW I play a Fury Warrior in a progress guild who doesn’t forget about the social stuff aswell. I’m in the same guild as my boyfriend and we love playing together.

Meet My Level 80 Characters!

Sassiej, Level 80 Troll Fury Warrior
This character is to me my main character and my “one true love”. I love the warrior class inside out and don’t see myself playing another class as main ever again.
Professions: Mining (450)/Blacksmithing(450)
Achievement Points: 9230
Notable Achievements: Loremaster, Seeker, The Undying, Glory of the (fill in), A Tribute To Insanity (10 man), What a long strange trip it’s been, Challenger (Arena Title), Zulian Tiger/Raven Lord/White Hawkstrider/Brewfest mount/Red AQ mount/RAF Rocket/Grand Black War Mammoth (and many more), Yellow, Blue (altho it doesn’t show :<), Green Brewfest Stein, Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros and (THE ORIGINAL) 2007 Clockwork Rocket Robot, and many more!

Sandrina, Level 80 Bloodelf Frost Mage
I recently picked up this character again and I would say that this is my main PvP focus. I love playing a frost mage and I hope that in the future she will also be a moneymaking machine.
Professions: Enchanting (278)/Jewelcrafting(50)
Achievement Points: 1540
Notable Achievements: Brewfest mount, Headless Horseman mount.

Fiorentin, Level 80 Bloodelf Prot Paladin
This char was the first high level Horde char I had. After flirting around with all three pala speccs I decided to go prot because tanks are always wanted! I like to do an altraid on her every now and then but momentarily she’s not used much, even for flasks.
Professions: Herbalism(450)/Alchemy(450)
Achievement Points: 2485
Notable Achievements: Grand Black War Mammoth (lucky Biatch), A Tribute to Skill (10 man).

Pieces, Level 80 Bloodelf Marksman Hunter
My main when I first rolled Horde. I progressed in ICC on her and loved her to bits untill I joined Vera and started to miss my Warrior too much. I still think it’s a great character but am undecided on what to do with her.
Professions: Leatherworking (450)/Skinning(450)
Achievement Points: 5390
Notable Achievements: Vampire Hunter, Onyxia’s Lair (level 60 version), Blue Brewfest Stein.

Chosen, Level 80 Draenei Shadow Priest
My main throughout most of TBC and half of WotLK she’s been retired for quite a while now. Have been through a lot of ups and downs with her and am starting to use her again bit by bit. I really love the new shadowpriest build but she’s kind of doomed on the Alliance side of Vashj.
Professions: Tailoring(450)/Jewelcrafting(450)
Achievement Points: 4820
Notable Achievements: Sea Turtle (!!), Blue Brewfest Stein, Onyxia’s Lair (60 version), Vampire Hunter, What a long strange trip it’s been.

Hyourinmaru Level 80 Nightelf Combat Rogue
My “revenge on all the Horde that ganked me char” she quickly fell behind on PvP gear and is now GM of my own little guild on Silvermoon. I still love to PvP on her but at the moment she’s a bit unused due to me being fascinated by my frost mage in PvP.
Professions: Mining(450)/Engineering(433)
Achievement Points: 2430
Notable Achievements: Headless Horseman Mount.

Jhaelyn Level 80 Nightelf Restoration Druid
My newest level 80 and the healing char I always wanted after I quit my priest. I really enjoy druidhealing and am working on getting her into a decent set so that she may join an ICC someday… Or at least level decently in Cataclysm. I play her a lot and love to do dungeons on her.
Professions: Enchanting(116)/Herbalism(65)
Achievement Points: 1300
Notable Achievements: Headless Horseman Mount.


Posted January 12, 2010 by Kassandri

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