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Blasting Away Is MOVING! (For now atleast)   Leave a comment

I’m not sure how long the site will stay up, but I’ve gone over to selfhosting (free selfhosting :P) on a friend’s server.

The new blog can be found at either:                                 (yes i’m a cheap bastard)

OR                                       (<– this is the original web addres for when .tk doesn’t work).

There is ofcourse a new RSS feed on the new site. This old one will stay in the air for when the new one uuuh get’s cut off. WARNING: My site is very purple!

So if you want to read my new posts, check THIS!!! site now.


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Sometimes You Just Wanna Show Off…   Leave a comment

In my endless hunt for achievements and Feats Of Strength I have obtained some rare mounts. I’d like to share them because, sometimes you just wanna stroke your own epeen xD.

I was lucky enough to win this Black Drake at the first Obsidian Sanctum 3 Drakes my warrior took part in.

On the same day, I managed to see the Blue Proto Drake drop for the first time from the Boss in Utgarde Pinnacle. My boyfriend won it, but since he had no Epic Flying on that particular char I got it from him 😛

After 30 runs in heroic Magister’s Terrace, this lovely hawkstrider finally dropped for me.

A week after that Swift White Hawkstrider dropped, the Tiger mount dropped in Zul’Gurub. I won it over my boyfriend, so we’re still going for it since he wants the tiger too, and I still want the raptor!

And last, but  not least… My Grand Black War Mammoth which I won through a guildie who ninjaed it (he won the roll while he knew he had one already) and had a “private” roll session with other people from the guild and the raidleader who organized the VoA. I won it and was really really happy!

Well this is my “lucky lucky it dropped!” mount collection so far. I can’t begin to count the times I did heroic MGT back in Burning Crusade without seeing the mount drop and the many times I’ve farmed it untill I did. Same goes for the elusive Blue Proto Drake which I’ve only seen drop once in almost 2 years of WotLK and the Swift Zulian Tiger which I’ve only seen drop once my entire time of WoW. The Black Drake was a lucky roll, but still Sarth 3D was an encounter we wiped on endlessly back in the day and to finally get a reward out of it feels good. And the mammoth… Let’s just say it’s the reward for sticking with all them VoA pugs.

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A New Twist   1 comment

Due to some major changes in my IRL the last few months and my WoW life I decided to give this blog a new twist. As you all know (or maybe not :P) this blog was supposed to be about my Hunter who is my main and my Mage who I am still leveling. When I started out this blog I was addicted to both them chars and wanted my blog to evolve around that.
Nowadays, with having to make decisions about spending my time on WoW I realised that the thing I love to do most, and what I love to write about most is my experiences as PvPer. Don’t get me wrong. I still love to raid and level, however the thrill of downing the newest boss after  many many tries doesn’t add up to the adrenaline rush I feel everytime I step into the arena with my partner or enter a battleground on any of my chars.

The biggest influence on this decision is the char I made in Single Abstract Noun. Her name is Fiorentin (like my paladin) and she’s facemelting her way through lowbie Warsong Gulch and I love it. I absolutely love it. It’s something I feel I’ve missed out on. Currently she has a load of WSG achievements and over 600 HK’s and I can’t see myself stopping on her anytime soon.
Another reason is that I recently picked up Arena on my hunter. Now that warriors are facing one of the most nasty nerfs in ages I decided I wanted another PvP char next to my warrior. Also I still have a lvl 80 PvP rogue even tho she’s dusting away a bit, and even PvP healing in the form of a paladin has been appealing to me lately.

So, that being said this blog’s major focus will be PvP. About speccs, glyphs, gear, and ofcourse adventures in the BG’s on my (now) 2 baby warlocks, warrior, hunter, paladin and maybe even my rogue if I get around to playing her. Ofcourse this change will come with a new header this weekend. The blog’s name will be the same. I’ll also be talking about random stuffs and theorycraft a bit. But the new focus will be PvP and everything surrounding that.

I hope you will enjoy my blog in the future, even though the topics will be changing. I’m hoping for comments and laughs on my posts. And probably there will be flaming (hope not tho 😛 this is a small blog thank god) but this is what I want to do. Cya all around on the new Blasting Away!

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A Little Place Called SAN!   Leave a comment

So, you might have noticed it from other blogs, but Tamarind from Righteous Orbs thought out a little idea that was supposed to take place on a little server. A blogger community guild, called Single Abstract Noun. I decided to take a leap and see what it was all about.

Now, the guild is on the Argent Dawn EU server, which is an RP server and RPing is something that definately interests me, but also something I never got the chance to do. So thinking of all the stuff going on in the guild at the moment, I decided to go ahead and make a char. It became a warlock called Fiorentin and I must say, I really enjoy playing her. She’s only level 10 but the atmosphere in the guild is just so good and there’s no pressure to level, so I can be as casual as I want to be. I’m certainly looking forward to see how this guild will evolve. And ofcourse, anyone who’s interested in blogs/read blogs/writes blogs is welcome to join either the EU Branch of SAN (which is on the horde side) or the US Branch (which is on the Alliance side). See you around!

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The Quiet   Leave a comment

As some of you may have noticed, I haven’t posted in a while, due to a heavy schoolworkload I’ve put my WoW and therefore also the blog a bit on hold. Am continuing asap when stuff settles down a bit! Cheers.

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Leveling in the 40-60 bracket, part 2   Leave a comment

So here it is. The leveling guide from level 50 till level 60.
For me, leveling from lvl 50 to 58 is the biggest struggle in WoW. You can almost smell Outlands, but not quite yet, and the quests that are available to you are spread out over entire Azeroth. There is always a lot of flying back and forth, moving through big areas and only being able to complete 1 to 3 quests at a time. However, if you just pick the area’s you want to quest in or where you feel that you have the most quests, things can get a lot easier.

On level 50 you start out with grabbing your new talents, skills and classquest. For most people these classquests either send you to Azshara or Sunken Temple, and in some cases both. Please do them. They may sent you to remote areas but the rewards are often nice, trinkets mostly and the exp you get from doing those chains can cumulate up into atleast 50% of your level.
A good starting place at level 50 next to your classquests is Un’goro Crater. Even though the barkers in major cities will give you the quest “Call to Plaguelands” don’t go to the Western Plaguelands just yet. The reason behind that is that on level 50 there will only be 1 doable quest available to you there, so you might aswell save it up for later use.
Back to Un’Goro. To get to Un’Goro you start out in Gadgetzan.  Pick up the quest Super Sticky there an make your way to Un’Goro. At the bottom of the path down there’s a tauren, pick up her quests. Make your way to the little goblin outpost and pick up all quests there and start questing away. Un’Goro should give you a good 1 or 2 levels if you do most quests straight away. When you only have red quests left you can either choose to go to Western Plaguelands and take the Cauldron run quests there and some other random’s you can find, or you can decide to go to Felwood and pick up and do all possible quests there.

When you’re done in Felwood, Western Plaguelands and Un’Goro, you should be about level 55 or 56, or even higher depending on the type of gear you’re leveling with. Now there are a few options. You can go to Eastern Plaguelands, Winterspring or Silithus. My personal preference goes out to Silithus. Why? It’s nice and quiet there, hardly any ganking and even tho the quests may be limited, the amount of mobs you have to kill for them will get you your hardly desired exp. Stick around in Silithus untill you turn lvl 58… And then the big adventure begins!

Lvl 58 is the perfect level to move to Outlands. Get your butt to capital, take the portal to Blasted Lands and set foot in a new territory. Outland quests are easily doable and they grant you mucho exp. If you do it right, you can be 60 in no time and finally get the endtalent of the tree you’ve chosen to specc.

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