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As the sun was setting, Pieces crouched down next to the mammoth she had just killed and skinned. The bloodied skinning knife still in her hand she sighed as she looked down on the bloodied corpse and the stains it left on her brand new boots. ‘This will take ages to come off again‘, she mumbled to herself. Next to her, her faithful wolf Lemmiwinks let out a low growl. The wolf wasn’t the most beautiful thing mother Azeroth had created but Pieces loved him nonetheless. She was used to seeing things covered in blood, it was inevitable being a skinner and a soldier in the army of the Horde. But she could never stand the sight of Lemmiwinks devouring the beasts she had killed, so when the wolf started tearing flesh of the mammoth she quickly looked into another direction.

As the last rays of sunlight brushed the mountain, Pieces started to look for a suitable place to set up camp for the night. The mountains of Storm Peaks were a rough and cold terrain and she would love to get some shelter from the harsh winds. ‘Thank god I have you to keep me warm‘ she said to her pet and patted Lemmiwinks. The wolf growled, satisfied from the mammoth meat and the attention he got from his owner. ‘I swear this cold will never get out of my bones again‘, Pieces muttered. All the weeks in Northrend were taking their toll on her body. Although she got used to the cold, it was still a cold that she would never get rid off again. After the horrors she had encountered the weeks before in the Citadel it was nice to take a short break to be alone with her wolf in the Storm Peaks. Even though most people hated Storm Peaks, she liked the mountains and creatures that lived there. You could feel the magic of Ulduar running through the entire zone and it made her remember her home of Silvermoon City. Sometimes she would curse the day she signed up to the Army but so far it has brought her some riches and adventure she would otherwise not have had.
After a short climb, she found a spot on a mountain’s edge where she could set up her tent and stay out of the howling wind that was blowing her hair in all directions. She had carved some meat off the mammoth she killed earlier and after finishing setting up the tent she made a small campfire to roast the meat on. Lemmiwinks was guarding the path up the mountain, even tho she was in a very remote region of Storm Peaks, Pieces was wary of creatures that might see the fire and try to get close to it. Staring at her wolf, who looked even more frightening in the light of the campfire, she suddenly heard a splatty sound and quickly turned her attention to the mammoth meat. It was dripping with fat, and almost burned but just right to eat.

After having eaten the mammoth Pieces went to check if her tent was ok for the night to come when suddenly Lemmiwinks let out a howl. She stormed out of the tent, pulling out her bow. ‘Who goes there?!’ she yelled. Silence followed, then Lemmiwinks suddenly dashed off into the darkness. Pieces tried to follow him but was afraid to leave her tent behind, so she went back to her tent, hoping her pet knew what he did and that he’d come back alive. After a few minutes she heard some heavy breathing noises followed by growling. She turned around and saw a big creature coming at her with a wolf walking next to it. A wolf that looked like Lemmiwinks. ‘Who are you?’ she exclaimed and whistled her wolf at her side. ‘Now now, is that a way to say hi to ‘n old friend mon?‘ The creature was now standing in the full light of the campfire. Armor shining, long white hair braided down to the middle. ‘Solaya!’ Pieces threw down her bow and flew her old friend around her neck. ‘What are you doing here?’ A brief pause followed. ‘That be a long story mon… A long story indeed.’

(To be continued)


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