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I haven’t been blogging much at all lately, this is due to school and WoW being a bit more demanding of my time than usual. One of the reasons I’ve been spending so much time on WoW is because I finally levelled a class to 80 that I have been wanting to play since I first laid eyes on the game: A Druid.
Tonight I dinged 80 after doing the first 60 levels with RAF and the last 20 with levelling my way alone through Outlands and Northrend. All this time I’ve levelled as Balance since I disliked feral… I already have a rogue and it feels much to roguey for me. Now that I’m 80 I decided to go Restoration as mainspecc. Ever since I’ve abandoned my priest I never really healed on a char again (some attempts on my paladin though) so I decided to try out druid healing and I really feel comfortable doing it. It (to me) feels similar to priesthealing, with lots of AoE healing, and that’s probably the reason why I like Restoration so much.

As for now the big gear grind has begun again starting with nothing but blues and the two Brewfest trinkets I was able to get my hands on before it ended (I actually dinged 78 about half an hour before Brewfest ended :P). Mostly I’ll be getting offset items since with the upcoming patch all your emblems are going to be transformed into Justice Points anyway and I want to save up for tier 10.

Unfortunately I’m really inspirationless at the moment so I just made this little post to let you guys know what I’m doing right now. Oh… And meet Jhaelyn, my lovely new level 80 Restoration Nightelf Druid!


Posted October 7, 2010 by Kassandri in Achievements, Leveling, Randomness

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