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A few nights back our guild was bored. So bored that we decided to make a 10 man TotC run for all the achievs. I tagged along eagerly since I was only 55 points away from obtaining 9k achievement points. It started off great, untill we came to the Anub’Arak Achievement. It proved to be more than just a pain in the butt, so we decided to finish him off normally and stick a TotGC 10 man to the raid.
For the record, I had never done TotGC past Lord Jaraxxus on my warrior and on my hunter I only did endless wiping on 25 man Anub’Arak hardmode so I prepared myself for a wipefest. Hoewever none of this turned out to be true and we flew through the bosses, and eventually Anub himself too (altho we suffered some casualties there hehe). I got about 80 achievement points that night. My Feat of Strength for obtaining 9000 Achievement points and to my surprise I won the mount from the Tribute chest aswell. A good night, with lots of fun and Achievements!


Posted August 26, 2010 by Kassandri in Achievements, Warrior

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  1. Welcome to the OVER NINE THOUSAND club, and grats on getting the best looking wolf mount that I still want. šŸ˜›

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