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The Raiding Blues   2 comments

No this is not about loot, this is about when you actually don’t feel like raiding anymore.

Lately I’ve been wanting to reroll to my warrior, badly. I don’t like my hunter anymore, she’s a pain to play on Lich King, she’s a pain to play in 10 man at all lately. I annoy myself at going oom or having major threat issues (FD get’s resisted often enough) and I hate it when I fuck up and come too close to a boss and start meleeing. Especially with the ridiculous huge hitboxes of Lich King and Marrowgar and Sindragosa, it can be a major problem.

One of the things annoying me the most is that people AREN’T DOING WHAT THEY SHOULD. For instance, in the phase transitions on Lich King you have these lovely Icy Orbs Of Doom. If they touch you you will get blown back, often over the edge and die. These orbs spawn at the Lich King and move towards the raid. When you have a 3 group setup the orbs will move to a person in one of those three groups. However the people who stand to the left cannot reach the people who stand to the right, so basically the left and right groups have to kill the orbs on their respective sides. However there are SOME PEOPLE who think DPS is more important than STAYING THE FUCK ALIVE. They don’t see the need of dpsing down the orbs and so they die and in doing so WIPE THE RAID. Which PISSES ME OFF! Especially if you got better things to do (study for a test -.-) and these fucktards make you wipe for more than an hour. And then they ASSUME that you AS HUNTER should kill ALL THE FUCKING ORBS because you’re aย  hunter. And because you obviously can’t split yourself in 3, you can only down one orb at a time and if you have 2 orbs at the same height one will be bound to hit. And if you are on the orbs you can’t dps the other adds so the raid gets overrun with other adds especially if the rest of the dps doesn’t know what the fuck to do.

Another thing that annoys me is the retarded way ICC works. Of the 12 bosses in there about 3 or 4 are hunter friendly. Lady Deathwhisper, Festergut, Rotface (if you don’t get silly debuff on you) and Bloodqueen. Those are the fights you can really let loose as hunter. On marrowgar you have the silly bone spikes, ridiculous hitbox and bonestorm. Gunship is a stupid fight for all classes, Saurfang requires a hunter to jump back and forth with traps. On Professor there’s too much movement and switching to adds. Dreamwalker exists of shooting at some random adds while waiting for the healers to do the real job, Sindragosa puts a stacking debuff on you to the point that you HAVE TO STOP dpsing, not to mention the stupid icetombs. Blood Council is utter chaos where you as hunter are supposed to deal with Kinetic Bombs, and often in my world that means solo dealing with 3 or 4 of them on 25 man. And Lich King… Let’s not go there, basically you get to do all but DPSing in that fight.

So if you mix all this together and put it in 2 raidnights, no wonder I get cranky or tired of my hunter. And believe me, with being a trial in my boyfriend’s guild (yes I’ve decided to move) it’s a bad time to hate raiding. Especially on a char that is the same class as the GM…


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Arena: Hot Streak!   Leave a comment

Today I went to do some 2v2 on my hunter. I’m in a team with a resto shaman (Ptisk) who is the alt of a discipline priest in our guild. He geared up his shaman for PvP and since my hunter has way better gear than my warrior I decided to team up with him and now we’re working our way through the 1200 bracket.
Let’s just say that I found out that MM Hunter/Resto Shaman 2v2 is very, very overpowered. In our first week we did 20 games and won 13, even tho we were only just playing together and this week we did 13 games so far and won 11.

While doing the games today I noticed we had won 6 games in a row, and mentioned this to my partner. He said that he would turn on the tracking for Hot Streak and I immediatly thought that that would jinx us and made us lose the game after. Fortunately it didn’t. It actually went so well, that we did win 10 games in a row and that provided us both with the achievement Hot Streak! An achievement I’ve wanted on my warrior for ages and am very proud of that I got it on my hunter.

I would like to share with you 2 games of that Hot streak. The first one being against an Arms Warrior/ Holy Paladin combination. Usually warriors scare me on my hunter. Next to rogues and feral druids they’re the ones that can reach me easily and hurt me… A lot. This particular team had their eyes set on killing my healer, giving me the advantage of free movement and thus nuking them down. In response the warrior turned his attention to me and I needed to figure out a way to get that reversed. So I went after the paladin, causing the warrior to turn his attention to my healer again. At some point (it was in Blade’s Edge Arena, you know the one with the bridge) we were under the bridge, the warrior for some reason having popped his defensive cooldowns, when an idea came to mind. I asked my dear shaman healer to do what shaman healers do best, kite the warrior around! I asked him to run around a pole, the warrior followed him, the paladin followed the warrior in an attempt to heal him and I stood at 1 side of the pole, shooting at the warrior everytime they passed by.
Now imagine this. A ghostwolf running around a pole, chased by a warrior in turn chased by a paladin. It was a ridiculous sight, but it proved to be our victory. In 3 laps around that pole I shot the warrior down to 10%. He panicked and tried to move away when he got hit by my Killshot, and had only 1% HP left. My healer popped his lava burst and killed the warrior, leaving his paladin healer at the mercy of a Hunter and a Resto Shaman. I laughed when he decided to leave the arena and wished I could’ve taped the entire arena game because it was so hilarious.

The other game is the game which has gotten us our Hot Streak achievement. Anxiously waiting in the same Blade’s Edge Arena I told my healer that we were definately going to lose this because of my bad luck. When we entered the Arena we saw a very squishy PvE geared hunter with a resto druid, a combination we had encountered 2 times before and conquered 2 times before. My healer popped Bloodlust as we stormed over the bridge to nuke down the hunter. He died in 3 seconds, the druid giving up immediatly. We couldn’t believe it, we had gotten our Hot Streak thanks to this amazingly sucky team, or well maybe just some pure luck with the Blizzard Matchmaking System.

All in all a quite productive arena day. We went up from 1100 to 1200 rating, only 100 more to go for Wrathful Belt eh?

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Manic Mondays #2   Leave a comment

After bumping into a very angered cleaner on my way up to the Computer Room (the elevator is broken and he was cleaning te stairs, stairs where everyone was running up to ๐Ÿ˜› Go figure!) and smelling a nauseating peach scent coming out of the girls toilet (don’t ask me why, they like to clean the toilets here with something that smells ricidulously much like peach flavoured candy) I finally sat myself before a computerscreen. Then I had to wait for the computer to actually start up (people, the screen says LOG OFF after you finish, not SHUT DOWN *grumbles*) which took a while, cuz uni computers are bad. Now I can finally post ๐Ÿ˜€ So let’s start with my week.

Raiding has been awesome the past week. Not only am I know in a fixed ICC 10 man (somethingย I wasn’t for a long, LONG time) we actually made a lot of progress the past week in ICC 25 man. Our first Varlithia Dreamwalker kill/heal? was accomplished (gogo Dice!) and we managed to get Blood Queen down to 3%. We figured out what went wrong on the Blood Queen tries (no sunders!) and that we could do with 5 healers instead of 6, so we’re hoping to down her tonight or tomorrow, when the server isn’t fucking up and permits us to actually fight against her instead of lag. I took with me some nice new gear, including shoulder and my t10 head (which btw is ugly as hell, hunter’s are worse off with their tier than usual) and I got the Primordial Saronites I needed to make my boots. So I’m a happy hunter.

Leveling is still going on, I’ve decided to pay attention to my mage in the weekends more often, and she is now level 74 and working her way through the Dragonblight zone. Queueing for random dungeons has actually helped a lot with her progress, seeing as I’m getting tired of the quests that I’ve done over and over and over. I think my mage will hit 80 by the end of march, but I hope sooner ofcourse. It all kind of depends on how much time I have to actually play her. Anyway she is still my little baby gnome, and I’m still stunned with the damage she does. 5k arcane blast crits on level 74 are a indicator I really need to watch out for the damage I will be doing on level 80! On professions I decided to give her Enchanting and Herbing, since I don’t have a herber on the Alliance side anymore and I don’t have a really high level enchanter.

What I did the most this week is something I thought I’d never do. I faction changed my dear sweet human warrior. I’ll do a seperate post on her when I get home. But so far I really like her as a Troll (yes, she’s a troll, I hate orcs and taurens alike and I’m not rolling undead just cause of Will of the Forsaken) and I feel like I can do more that I want on her now. She still is my little baby char and when I like her enough, I might even roll back to her in Cataclysm, however that’s still so far off that I can’t really say anything about that. Also I’ve been making a lot of money on AH by selling Frozen Orbs, Titanium Ore, Eternal Belt Buckles and Heavy Borean Armor Kits. All the money is gone now tho, seeing as I got some new gear that had to be socketed and enchanted. Luckily my boyfriend was nice enough to help me out and he socketed and enchanted the new boots on my hunter for me.

I haven’t really done much about Achievements this week altho I’m still working away at becoming Elder Pieces. My warrior earned the Looking for Multitudes achievement and 25 reputations on Exalted, including the Ogri’la and Aldor reps I farmed last week. Overall I’ve had some fun on WoW this week, and feel like playing some more again, if school will let me ofcourse.

This week I would like to Refer to the WTB: World of Warcraft blog. The author of this blog participated in my Shared Topic. She would be a Warlock if she were to start over again with WoW.

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Manic Mondays #1   Leave a comment

So today I had an exam which was VERY early this morning. I completed my questions in half an hour and took the subway home. I kinda felt bummed to come such a long way through the cold (yes it’s cold here) and complete everything within 30 minutes. However this gave me some time to chat up with some people in the guild, seeing as I could actually go home now instead of staying at school and using the school computers.

Raidingwise it has been a calm week for me. Due to lots of schoolwork (2 papers, internet assignment and the exam from this morning) I had to cancel almost all raids on my hunter. Kinda bumming but hey, school still beats WoW when it comes to setting priorities. The only raid I did do this week was fridaynight on my paladin. My boyfriend has started up a little 10 man on friday, for alts of the guild that he’s in and where I’m invited to join on my pala to tank as well. It was a bit of a couples raid (3 couples haha) and actually it went quite well. We downed ICC’s first wing without any problems and had some nice tries on Dreamwalker, a boss we really wanted to do. It was fun and casual and it made me feel happy.

Leveling was an activity I could finally do again, my mage is now level 73 and after rediscovering her spells and abilities again (some things were a bit vague for me after not playing her for a while) I got into leveling again. I even joined a succesful random dungeon group to Azjol’Nerub which gave me a new belt and some quest rewards I could sell for monies. As my school is getting less stressful I hope to be able to level my mage a bit more and finally ding 80.

Achievements were something my attention was and still is focused on at the moment. I want the Violet Proto Drake on my hunter, she will be my 3rd char to acquire it, and last week Fool for Love ended and the Lunar Festival started. After struggling I managed to get the Fool for Love achievement on sunday, gathering bracelets really sucked, and I made a start on gathering Elders for the Lunar festival. One downside to the silly Lunar festival is the fact that your mailbox gets spammed with mail from Elders. I don’t even open the silly red envelopes anymore but just insta delete it. It’s junk and I just want to get rid of it.

Most of my time was spended on PvP the past week and weekend. I’m trying to do the BG daily everyday to gather arenapoints for my warrior and honor ofcourse and am now also PvPing on my hunter a lot. Even tho it takes getting used to (I always played Melee PvP), my hunter turns out to be a real killing machine and currently I’m on 4k honorable kills, shooting my way through varios battlegrounds.

As a closer I would like to introduce you to a lovely blog I found through Blog Azeroth. It’s a mage blog which I really love to read, the layout is very pretty and it teaches me stuff as upcoming mage!
It makes me laugh and think over stuff as a starting mage, I really recommend reading it!

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What a day..   Leave a comment

As the sun was setting, Pieces crouched down next to the mammoth she had just killed and skinned. The bloodied skinning knife still in her hand she sighed as she looked down on the bloodied corpse and the stains it left on her brand new boots. ‘This will take ages to come off again‘, she mumbled to herself. Next to her, her faithful wolf Lemmiwinks let out a low growl. The wolf wasn’t the most beautiful thing mother Azeroth had created but Pieces loved him nonetheless. She was used to seeing things covered in blood, it was inevitable being a skinner and a soldier in the army of the Horde. But she could never stand the sight of Lemmiwinks devouring the beasts she had killed, so when the wolf started tearing flesh of the mammoth she quickly looked into another direction.

As the last rays of sunlight brushed the mountain, Pieces started to look for a suitable place to set up camp for the night. The mountains of Storm Peaks were a rough and cold terrain and she would love to get some shelter from the harsh winds. ‘Thank god I have you to keep me warm‘ she said to her pet and patted Lemmiwinks. The wolf growled, satisfied from the mammoth meat and the attention he got from his owner. ‘I swear this cold will never get out of my bones again‘, Pieces muttered. All the weeks in Northrend were taking their toll on her body. Although she got used to the cold, it was still a cold that she would never get rid off again. After the horrors she had encountered the weeks before in the Citadel it was nice to take a short break to be alone with her wolf in the Storm Peaks. Even though most people hated Storm Peaks, she liked the mountains and creatures that lived there. You could feel the magic of Ulduar running through the entire zone and it made her remember her home of Silvermoon City. Sometimes she would curse the day she signed up to the Army but so far it has brought her some riches and adventure she would otherwise not have had.
After a short climb, she found a spot on a mountain’s edge where she could set up her tent and stay out of the howling wind that was blowing her hair in all directions. She had carved some meat off the mammoth she killed earlier and after finishing setting up the tent she made a small campfire to roast the meat on. Lemmiwinks was guarding the path up the mountain, even tho she was in a very remote region of Storm Peaks, Pieces was wary of creatures that might see the fire and try to get close to it. Staring at her wolf, who looked even more frightening in the light of the campfire, she suddenly heard a splatty sound and quickly turned her attention to the mammoth meat. It was dripping with fat, and almost burned but just right to eat.

After having eaten the mammoth Pieces went to check if her tent was ok for the night to come when suddenly Lemmiwinks let out a howl. She stormed out of the tent, pulling out her bow. ‘Who goes there?!’ she yelled. Silence followed, then Lemmiwinks suddenly dashed off into the darkness. Pieces tried to follow him but was afraid to leave her tent behind, so she went back to her tent, hoping her pet knew what he did and that he’d come back alive. After a few minutes she heard some heavy breathing noises followed by growling. She turned around and saw a big creature coming at her with a wolf walking next to it. A wolf that looked like Lemmiwinks. ‘Who are you?’ she exclaimed and whistled her wolf at her side. ‘Now now, is that a way to say hi to ‘n old friend mon?‘ The creature was now standing in the full light of the campfire. Armor shining, long white hair braided down to the middle. ‘Solaya!’ Pieces threw down her bow and flew her old friend around her neck. ‘What are you doing here?’ A brief pause followed. ‘That be a long story mon… A long story indeed.’

(To be continued)

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Zerging Drakes And Farming Quests   Leave a comment

Yesterday, I spent the day on my hunter. I was actually meaning to spend it on my warrior to finish my bloody Loremaster achievement (90 quests away!) but my boyfriend asked me to do the weekly raid, so I did. This weeks weekly was Sartharion. We went in with his guild in a group of 13 to the 25 man version (Yay to getting the achievement Less is More) and we downed Sartharion pretty easy. After that me and my boyfriend decided to make a Sartharion 10 man groups, to down him with 3 drakes up. I was kinda excited because I’d never downed Sarth on 10 man with 3 drakes up ever. So we dragged some people along and after 3 wipes He Was Down! Which earned me my lovely “Of The Nightfall” title. I do love the achievement ๐Ÿ˜€ There was only a bit of a sour aftermath tho. Ofcourse the Black Drake dropped (something I’ve been wanting for a long long time) and a druid from my guild won it… Only to sell it for 3k gold to someone else in the raid about 5 minutes after. It kind of pissed me off. The fact that druids roll on rare mounts is something I can’t understand (why would you use them when you’ve got your flightform?) but that they roll only to sell just gets my blood boiling. It’s so unfair versus the rest of the people who do really want it, but can’t afford to buy it off him. For me it was just a moment of shame because I brought him into the raid and he was my guildie who was showing this kind of behavior. In the end people didn’t really care, but I got my feelings hurt by someone I believed that wouldn’t do something like that… Sometimes you don’t know people as well as you thought you would.

Later that night I went raiding with my guild. ICC 25 man. We cleared up untill Putricide under 1.5 hour. I thought that was quite an achievement and it got me a lot of Ashen Verdict rep too! I got a new cloak (yay me :P) and progress went really well. But then Putricide came and conquered us. We wiped 8 times on him that night, abandoning him for the rest of the week due to Blizzard implementing shared tries on Putricide and the Blood Queen. We were seriously bummed tho, because we had a 5% wipe on Putricide. We can smell the kill! But there’s ofcourse always next week. After the raid I joined up with a rep run and ended up with only 500 rep to go till exalted now. Tonight there will be another ICC 25 man raid, which I hope I can attend.

Today was a weird day for me. I couldn’t really decide what to do, but eventually decided to do a random heroic on my warrior to get the “Looking for Many” achievement. Which I have now ๐Ÿ˜€ Gogo being “The Patient” on 4/5 of my 80 chars. After that I threw myself on Loremaster again, with now only 75 quests to go, it’s becoming quite the task to complete. What everyone says about Kalimdor being the hardest continent certainly goes up for my Alliance warrior. I’m not sure if Horde has it easier in Kalimdor, but my warrior is struggling along some chainquests that ask me to go from one end of the continent to the other, with some visits to Eastern Kingdoms inbetween. However I decided to have a look on the Draenei Islands again, discovering I haven’t done most of Bloodmyst Isle. This cheered me up. I’m hoping to get atleast 20 quests from there ๐Ÿ˜€ Let’s see how that turns out. For now I’m off to my ICC raid.

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