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They say all good things come in three right? That’s why my title is in three.

Lately I’ve taken a much needed break from the blogs seeing as how Real Life walked by and slapped me in the face. Due to some family related stuff and some school related stuff, my thoughts were nowhere near my blogs. However the temporary break is over and I am back in action (I hope). So let’s move on to the next topic.

As you all know, or may not know, my main is my Troll Warrior on Vashj-EU. I’ve always been an Alliance on this server, I leveled as Alliance, played through TBC as Alliance, actually in TBC the Alliance side of Vashj was better than the Horde side untill some major guilds left (Crooks, Serendipity), and spent a great deal of Wrath on the Alliance side of this server.
When Wrath hit, most major Alliance guilds had fallen apart or were raiding a bit too hardcore for my taste. I started out in The Legacy, a really old guild trying to resurrect but it quickly fell apart, after that I moved to Wrath Of Alliance, but in the end it wasn’t the guild for me. During that time a lot of major guilds on Vashj Ally were reduced to mere 10 man guilds or simply vanished. When we (me and my boyfriend) decided to leave WoA, we made the decision to roll Horde because we saw no future in the Alliance side anymore. I started out on my hunter, but quickly made my warrior a Horde and rolled to her.
In the meantime I left 3 80 chars on the Alliance side of Vashj to dust away. One of them was my old main, a holy Draenei priest called Chosen, another one probably my favorite char after my warrior, my beloved rogue Hyourinmaru. During the time we’ve now spent on the Horde side of Vashj, the Alliance side has died even more with one of the most well known and oldest guilds leaving and all other guilds struggling to recruit, hell even pugs aren’t going at Ally side anymore. Basicly Alliance Vashj is no more.
That’s why I’ve taken matters into my own hands and began searching for a nice Alliance friendly server, which I found on Silvermoon EU. The server is about 95% Alliance vs 5% Horde, they’re high populated and AHMIGAD Ironforge is bursting with activity again. I made a lowbie char and asked around how the Battleground queues were and was baffled by the sheer amount of pugs going on the server, they’re even pugging Halion heroic 10 man, something we on Vashj struggle to do with guilds. Anyway it turned out the Battleground queues weren’t horrendous (1-2 mins waittime vs up to 20 mins waittime on Vashj) so I decided to take a leap into the unknown and transfer my Rogue there, hoping that she will get a chance to bloom on this server, even if it might only happen come Cataclysm.
I also see this as a “backup” server for when things on Vashj go really bad (Vashj is a small server right now and there will come a time where you’ve had all the guilds and you’re kinda stuck on your own). Anyway, I need to play on Silvermoon some more to find out how friendly the server exactly is and how good the Alliance side of the Battlegroup is, but my first impressions are positive.

My last bit of news concerns my warrior. I’ve been running Molten Core every week for the past three months now and too my surprise two weeks back the Eye of Sulfuras dropped and I won it. It took me two weeks to get the mats for the Sulfuron Hammer together but I now have my first real Legendary weapon: Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros. I’ll leave this post with a screen of my Warrior with Sulfuras.


Posted August 11, 2010 by Kassandri in Achievements, Randomness, Warrior

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