About the Blog

After having gone through some changes over the last months I’ve finally settled down with the blog and the topics I’m writing about.

The main focus of my blog is my warrior (Sassiej) who I play as main character on the Horde side of Vashj-EU (She’s a troll!). I love Warrior theorycrafting, about which I write aswell as raiding, pvp and achievements. All in all I like seeing and doing all aspects of the game.
Currently the most of my time is going into raiding and getting achievements (on 9045 achievement points as of this moment) and I PvP a bit on the side.

My warrior isn’t the only char I have on 80 however. There’s a hunter (Pieces, half retired/old main), a priest (Chosen, retired/old main), a paladin (Fiorentin, used for altraids), a rogue (Hyourinmaru, my main PvP focus) and a mage (Sandrina, a fun char). All my chars are on the Horde and Alliance side of Vashj-EU apart from Hyourinmaru who I’ve transferred to Silvermoon-EU because I wanted to experience a lively Alliance side again. So far I feel at home there and I’ve been levelling a druid there aswell who currently sits at level 71. I’m mildly Altoholic, but I keep coming back to my Warrior everytime.

As said, the main focus of this blog is my Warrior and everything surrounding my Warrior but every now and again I take a dash into other classes territory and write about them aswell.


Posted January 13, 2010 by Kassandri

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