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In my last post I was confessing to be an Achievement Whore. Which I still am. There is just one tiny little problem. The achievements I like the most are the achievements that will drive you insane. Literally insane. Like, Evil Clown Goes On Killing Spree insane.
Yes, the achievements I like to do most are the achievements that got a special tab. The Feats of Strength. I know you can’t get some of them anymore (hence feats of strength!) but a lot are still obtainable. In the form of… Mounts. And I so happen to be a mount collector aswell! Having obtained 101 at this moment (I love the Red Dragonhawk by the way) I only want to obtain more. Especially rare ones. I’ve been lucky on our Sarth runs, I’ve even seen the Blue Proto Drake drop and obtained it, but it doesn’t make me feel “special”. The mounts that do are the ones that give me a Feat of Strength. And there’s a reason that they will give a Feat of Strength. The majority is just simply IMPOSSIBLE to get. Well, almost impossible.

I have been really, really lucky in regards to obtaining the Zul’Gurub tiger. I’ve also been lucky to see the Swift White Hawkstrider drop after a month of farming. However with the Baron Rivendare mount I’m not so lucky. Actually now I feel how frustrating farming for something can be. So far I’ve done 82 runs (yes I know there are lots of people who’ve done a whole lot more) and I’m slowly beginning to lose my sanity. I’m running stratholme atleast 15 times a day since this week. I even get my boyfriend to help me out with some runs even tho he despises the dungeon and swears to God if he could he would kill Baron Rivendare personally if he ever sees him in the afterlife (he ran more than 1000 !! runs himself on various characters pre and post droprate boost). The Damn Thing Just Won’t Drop. And the most annoying is, you constantly see the dungeon. It has no lockout like almost every other rare mount drop does (either a day, multiple days or a week) you just have to reset it after you run out, so the only thing you do is run that thing over and over and over again untill you can walk to the mini-bosses with your eyes closed and one hand tied to your back. Even in my dreams, I run the Stratholme run.
But I’m determined to obtain the mount, even if I have to run the dungeon a thousand times. I want it that badly. Even more than heroic Lich King! Well, yes even more than heroic Lich King.

So for now I’ll keep on farming… Oh, the joy…


Posted June 26, 2010 by Kassandri in Achievements, Randomness, Warrior

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