One Down, More To Go?   2 comments

So last week I finally managed to complete my Glory of the Hero achievement on my warrior. I think the hardest of the bunch was Zombiefest but in the end I managed to get a group of friends and guildies together to do it and we nailed it the first time.

I’ve also officially rolled my warrior as main and she’s raiding with the rest of the guild now. Apart from some parts of gear that desperately need replacement (one of my trinkets, my belt and my t9 parts) she already has very shiny gear. I even managed to get my hand on heroic Bryntroll and a heroic neck from Bloodqueen. The heroic Bryntroll also proves to be a lot of fun in PvP. I’mma lifestealer now mon!

My mountain of mounts achievement is also almost coming together. After obtaining the Red Proto Drake from the achievement I bought the blue wind rider in Dalaran and got a Tournament mount. I also managed to get my hands on the Twilight Drake from the OS3D 25 man zerg. Lucky troll is lucky! All in all I have only 2 mounts to go now. This weekend there’s a 10 man Ulduar hardmodes + Starcaller planned (yay first time I get to see Algalon) in which I’ll take part. I’ll also try to get in the achievement ICC 10 man run, after which I only have to do a heroic run to get that mount too. So hopefully I’ll get my 100 mounts in 2 weeks time!

Even PvP is picking up pace now. I managed to get the Stormtrooper Achievement from Eye of the Storm and now “only” have to win 67 times to get Eye of the Storm Veteran, the last step I need towards Master of Eye of the Storm. Lucky enough for me, this weekend is EOTS weekend, so you can guess what I’ll be doing…

 All in all I’m completing my goals set before Cataclysm much sooner than I expected. Maybe I should set some more goals. Will keep you updated!


Posted June 12, 2010 by Kassandri in Achievements, Warrior

2 responses to “One Down, More To Go?

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  1. Aww didn’t know you were doing them all, I still need a few, was gonna tag along for a couple in Old Kingdom and Oculus, I seem to remember? Oh well. Grats 🙂 Nice that at least one of us can get groups for this stuff, I can’t find anyone willing to help /cry.

    • Hey yeah, when I did the achievs you werent online unfortunately. If you need help tho, just give me a yell :> I’ll come help out.

      In the meantime I got my 100 mounts achievement done so I need to set some new goals maybe, since these are actually coming along very smoothly :>

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