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In my endless hunt for achievements and Feats Of Strength I have obtained some rare mounts. I’d like to share them because, sometimes you just wanna stroke your own epeen xD.

I was lucky enough to win this Black Drake at the first Obsidian Sanctum 3 Drakes my warrior took part in.

On the same day, I managed to see the Blue Proto Drake drop for the first time from the Boss in Utgarde Pinnacle. My boyfriend won it, but since he had no Epic Flying on that particular char I got it from him đŸ˜›

After 30 runs in heroic Magister’s Terrace, this lovely hawkstrider finally dropped for me.

A week after that Swift White Hawkstrider dropped, the Tiger mount dropped in Zul’Gurub. I won it over my boyfriend, so we’re still going for it since he wants the tiger too, and I still want the raptor!

And last, but  not least… My Grand Black War Mammoth which I won through a guildie who ninjaed it (he won the roll while he knew he had one already) and had a “private” roll session with other people from the guild and the raidleader who organized the VoA. I won it and was really really happy!

Well this is my “lucky lucky it dropped!” mount collection so far. I can’t begin to count the times I did heroic MGT back in Burning Crusade without seeing the mount drop and the many times I’ve farmed it untill I did. Same goes for the elusive Blue Proto Drake which I’ve only seen drop once in almost 2 years of WotLK and the Swift Zulian Tiger which I’ve only seen drop once my entire time of WoW. The Black Drake was a lucky roll, but still Sarth 3D was an encounter we wiped on endlessly back in the day and to finally get a reward out of it feels good. And the mammoth… Let’s just say it’s the reward for sticking with all them VoA pugs.


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