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Due to some major changes in my IRL the last few months and my WoW life I decided to give this blog a new twist. As you all know (or maybe not :P) this blog was supposed to be about my Hunter who is my main and my Mage who I am still leveling. When I started out this blog I was addicted to both them chars and wanted my blog to evolve around that.
Nowadays, with having to make decisions about spending my time on WoW I realised that the thing I love to do most, and what I love to write about most is my experiences as PvPer. Don’t get me wrong. I still love to raid and level, however the thrill of downing the newest boss after  many many tries doesn’t add up to the adrenaline rush I feel everytime I step into the arena with my partner or enter a battleground on any of my chars.

The biggest influence on this decision is the char I made in Single Abstract Noun. Her name is Fiorentin (like my paladin) and she’s facemelting her way through lowbie Warsong Gulch and I love it. I absolutely love it. It’s something I feel I’ve missed out on. Currently she has a load of WSG achievements and over 600 HK’s and I can’t see myself stopping on her anytime soon.
Another reason is that I recently picked up Arena on my hunter. Now that warriors are facing one of the most nasty nerfs in ages I decided I wanted another PvP char next to my warrior. Also I still have a lvl 80 PvP rogue even tho she’s dusting away a bit, and even PvP healing in the form of a paladin has been appealing to me lately.

So, that being said this blog’s major focus will be PvP. About speccs, glyphs, gear, and ofcourse adventures in the BG’s on my (now) 2 baby warlocks, warrior, hunter, paladin and maybe even my rogue if I get around to playing her. Ofcourse this change will come with a new header this weekend. The blog’s name will be the same. I’ll also be talking about random stuffs and theorycraft a bit. But the new focus will be PvP and everything surrounding that.

I hope you will enjoy my blog in the future, even though the topics will be changing. I’m hoping for comments and laughs on my posts. And probably there will be flaming (hope not tho 😛 this is a small blog thank god) but this is what I want to do. Cya all around on the new Blasting Away!


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  1. Always best to blog about what you enjoy the most. That changes so often for me I wouldn’t even gives my blog much of a category xD
    Good on you 🙂

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