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So, you might have noticed it from other blogs, but Tamarind from Righteous Orbs thought out a little idea that was supposed to take place on a little server. A blogger community guild, called Single Abstract Noun. I decided to take a leap and see what it was all about.

Now, the guild is on the Argent Dawn EU server, which is an RP server and RPing is something that definately interests me, but also something I never got the chance to do. So thinking of all the stuff going on in the guild at the moment, I decided to go ahead and make a char. It became a warlock called Fiorentin and I must say, I really enjoy playing her. She’s only level 10 but the atmosphere in the guild is just so good and there’s no pressure to level, so I can be as casual as I want to be. I’m certainly looking forward to see how this guild will evolve. And ofcourse, anyone who’s interested in blogs/read blogs/writes blogs is welcome to join either the EU Branch of SAN (which is on the horde side) or the US Branch (which is on the Alliance side). See you around!


Posted March 12, 2010 by Kassandri in Uncategorized

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