20 Days of Warcraft: Day Two, Favourite Race and Why?   Leave a comment

We’ve come to the 2nd day of the 20 days of Warcraft challenge and today it will be about my favourite race. Keep in mind that the races I discuss I’ll discuss from the female point of view. I only play females, males are just a nono on my list.
Now this is a hard question seeing as I like more than one race. Let’s look at the ones I don’t like first.

Orcs, Taurens, Undead, Dwarves, Gnomes.
Orcs are a race I’ve never ever liked. The males and the females are just meh. Tauren are a race that only makes me wanna laugh, who wants to be a cow walking on it’s hind legs? Not me anyway.
As for Dwarves and Gnomes, they’re just too small and out of proportion. Undeads just creep me out due to the bones sticking out everywhere, even when wearing gear.
Now onto the races that I do like:

First off, Humans
My warrior has been a human for a long while and I really liked the race. It has a lot of benefits racial wise (especially the increased rep gain and the free pvp trinket) and two handers look absolutely awesome on a human female. It’s one of my favourite races, if not my favourite, to play as melee.

This race I like because of the lore. I’m a huge fan of nightelf lore and everything surrounding it. Also Shadowmeld is one of the best racials ingame. Especially Nightelf Druids I love and I think that with a slight hint over humans this is my favourite race.

Or Spacegoats. I don’t know what I like about them, maybe it’s their gracefullness, maybe it’s because they’re total aliens but I like their jokes, their voices and their casting animations. After a while the wiggling gets really annoying though.

Bloodelves are like the pretty dom blondes of WoW. They’re nice to look at but I always get the feeling that not much is going on in their heads. They are obviously evil in a gossip and disturbing kind of way. I like them, my pala/mage/hunter are all currently bloodelves but to be honest they bore me fast.

I know a lot of people are gonna look at me in a weird way now, but I actually kind of like trolls. They’re proportionate, have funny emotes, also have great lore and Berserking is probably my favourite Racial. I couldn’t think of any other race to roll my Warrior to and even now that I could potentially make her a bloodelf, I’ll stick to being a Troll.

All in all I think my favourite race is a tie between Humans and Nightelves, tipping the balance in the favour of Nightelves ever so slightly.


Posted November 24, 2010 by Kassandri in Randomness

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