Guild Troubles: Don’t Feed The Drama Llama!   Leave a comment

Ok so, again I haven’t blogged in a while, apologies for that but a lot has happened recently.

The guild me and my boyfriend are in is going through a rough time. Some officers had a burnout and stepped down, took a break or left the guild. When one of the people that was actually trying to keep the raids going decided he’d had enough all hell broke loose. Skeletons were falling out of closests left and right and there was doubt to whether the guild would continue in it’s current state. We were having issues for a while, but now it seemed like it would really threaten our guild as a whole. In all honesty I didn’t know what to think about it or/and if I’d even stay or go.

Our GM was faced with the reality of things that were going on in his guild and decided he needed a fresh start with fresh people in charge. I’ll have to go to a quick sidestory here. Our current GM has been GM for a really long time, but also has the reputation of being very inactive. This has led to other people with… less good intentions running the guild and creating problems between themselves and others. This ruined the atmosphere to the point where we are now, refreshed and unstable. We’ve had one of the wielders of our Shadowmourne’s leaving and I’m worried more will go soon, however the last week we’ve had pretty good raids and it looks like we’re bouncing back.

The thing I don’t like tho is that people in other guilds are telling that our guild has disbanded. It’s simply NOT TRUE. What was it again? Don’t sell the hide before you shoot the bear? It really annoys me because it only feeds the Drama Llama’s and spreads new confusion in a guild that’s already having to find it’s way all over again. We’ve had enough drama for the past couple of weeks, let’s not put new fuel under the fire. As said, at the moment we’re really unstable so it does affect the guild what is said about the people in it and it’s current state. I hope we can get back on our feet soon, get some nice recruits in to fill our vacant spots (if you read this and you’re interested in joining you can look up my Warrior on the Armory and find the guildwebsite through Google, we’re on horde side of Vashj-EU!) and keep the raids going… Without major setbacks.


Posted September 6, 2010 by Kassandri in Guild, Warrior

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