Berserker Rage, Back To The Past?   Leave a comment

So the new beta build came out today and even tho it’s still buggy here and there, one of the biggest changes that shocked me was the change to Berserker Rage.

Berserker Rage is a tool used by Warriors in all their stances now. For Prot it’s nice to break out of fear when tanking a boss that does fear (like Onyxia). For Prot it’s usefull for PvPing because it enables you to break out of fear effects (Fear/Howl of Terror/Psychic Scream), Sap and Repentance without having to switch stances. For Fury PvE it’s a tool to gain rage and break out of the fear that a boss does. However with the change they made to it at the moment, Berserker Rage is only a viable option for the Fury warrior. To explain why, we need to dig into the past.

Way back in Vanilla (and the start of TBC) Berserker Rage was only usable in Berserker Stance. To use this ability the Warrior had to do something called “stancedancing” which means you switch to another stance very fast to use an ability and then change back to your original stance as soon as possible. For Prot warriors this meant that they had to switch to Berserker Stance 1 or 2 seconds before Onyxia (for example) did her Fear. This required timing, and extremely good healers since giving up Defensive Stance for Berserker Stance meant an increase in damage taken by 15%. For Arms Warriors it meant that when fighting Warlocks they had to be in Berserker Stance for a fair bit of time to anticipate the incoming fear. Again, not handy because Berserker Stance increases damage done to you, something you also do not want in PvP.

With the introduction of Nightbane in Karazhan Blizzard decided to make Berserker Rage a tool to use in any stance.This meant that the Prot Warrior who was tanking the dragon now could press Berserker Rage without having to take increased amounts of damage from having to switch to Berserker Stance. It also gave an Arms warrior some more viablity in Battlegrounds because they could now break out of stuff like Fear and Sap without having to switch stances.

Now however, Blizzard has decided to make Berserker Rage back into the way it was. This means that once again Prot Warriors will have to change to Berserker Stance to handle an incoming Fear and Arms Warriors are more susceptible to CC’s. I really hope that Blizzard will not go through with these changes. I feel like I’m being transported back into the past. I know some other classes will be happy about this change (Priests and Warlocks can now Fear Warriors again without having to calculate Berserker Rage in) but I think Blizzard is making a big mistake. I hope they themselves realize this too, preferably before the Warrior Community decides to roll Fury en masse because the other speccs are just too hard (trust me, Stancedancing isn’t easy, especially as tank and with the game being as simple as it is today, people will turn away from the Warrior when effort is required).


Posted July 21, 2010 by Kassandri in Cataclysm, Theorycrafting, Warrior

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