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I’ve mentioned this topic on my other blog, but now I’m diving into it on this blog aswell. As you can see a shiny new Purple Button has made it’s appearance right under my RSS feed. This button links to WoWCentric.

WoWCentric is a brand new site by the makers of Raidwarning Podcasts. The site is so brand new that it’s actually still in it’s testing phase so not everything is working as intended yet. The idea behind this particular site is that it’s to be a portal for WoWblogs and podcasts. It’s categorized by subject. So for instance this blog, which is mostly about Warriors, is categorized under Class -> Warriors. However when I write about PvP it says: Warrior Fightclub. If you want more clarity yourself please click my button and visit the site.

If you write your own blog and you want it to be shown there you can submit your blog details to Mention the title, the main subject and ofcourse the link to your blog.

Hope to see you on WoWCentric!


Posted July 19, 2010 by Kassandri in Announcement

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