An Exclusive Look At New Warrior Talents: WTH Blizzard?   Leave a comment

Today the new talent trees were released on the beta and consequently on MMO-Champion too. Ofcourse I hurried to see what’s happening and stuff, filled in some talents and then contacted my boyfriend what else there was to see.
All talenttrees now come with a description that is unique to the talent tree and explain what the tree stands for. Under this descriptions are abilities that you unlock the moment you choose to specc into that Talent Tree. Here is a picture of the warrior descriptions.

Some things immediatly struck my eye. The fact that precision (aka +3% hit) is only available to fury and that 2handed weapon specialization is only available to Arms.
Particularly the last bit is something that quite shocked me. An explanation to why, starts back in TBC.

When WotLK was about to launch, new talent-trees were implemented. Fury Warriors got a new talent called Titan’s Grip, allowing the warrior to wield two 2handed weapons but against a penalty (which in the end turned out to be -10% damage). This penalty is quite huge, a 10% damage loss results in 1.5k dps less in an instance like ICC where a Fury warrior is easily able to pump out 15k dps. To soften the 10% damage loss blow, you could specc into 2handed weapon specialization in the arms tree. Currently this talent gives you 6% damage increase on your 2handers and therefore makes the dps loss of a Fury warrior wielding 2handers less significant. Titan’s Grip was the only viable way to dps as Fury and having two 2handed weapons instead of one just rocked. Blizzard was quite proud of the talent as a whole.

Now with the Cataclysm Beta running and Blizzard introducing 1handed Fury again and after overhauling the entire talent tree mechanics it seems that Titan’s Grip, the talent they were so proud of has become obsolete. Since 2handed weapon specialization is now Arms only, Fury warriors will suffer that 10% damage loss to the fullest. This suddenly becomes a huge penalty again, especially during the first few months where the new rage mechanic is still being adjusted and the gear overall is quite bad. It looked like at the start, 1handed Fury would be more viable than 2handed due to better scaling of damage with 1handers with bad gear. However as it seems now, 1handed Fury will be the ONLY viable specc for Fury warriors and that is something I don’t agree on. Why kill a talent that was not bad, gave great aestethics (come on, 2 huge weapons are awesome!) and made Fury more attractive to play?

So here is where I say WTH Blizzard? Why murder Titan’s Grip? WHY? I like running around with 2 huge 2handers, smacking all that dare oppose me.
I really hope that they will fix this and restore Titan’s Grip to be viable before Cataclysm hits. Either get that 2handed weapon specialization out of Arms only, or remove the penalty from Titan’s Grip. Give the Fury Warrior a choice, don’t force them onto 1handers!


Posted July 14, 2010 by Kassandri in Cataclysm, Theorycrafting, Warrior

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