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So… This weekend we had quite a surprise. My boyfriend who had opted in for the Cataclysm Beta, actually got in! This means that not only he, but also I can play and experience new zones/quests/BG’s/dungeons/abilities. You name it, I’ll play it.
I’ll be starting a series, mostly theorycrafting, about the various things that the next expansion has in store for us (and most of all my warrior). Which speccs are the most viable, how stats are getting altered, what the best place for starting is and stuff like that. I won’t be able to provide with actual screenshots or too much info since I do not want my BF to get kicked from the beta, but I’ll give some hints here and there.

You can count on Cata theories if my post starts with “An Exclusive Look”. If you are not interested in Cata, or don’t want to get spoiled do not read these posts! Untill next time.

-x- Sassiej


Posted July 4, 2010 by Kassandri in Cataclysm, Randomness, Theorycrafting

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  1. Fantastic news! I’ll look forward to reading your mage analysis with interest 🙂

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