A Disappointing WSG Weekend   Leave a comment

Warsong Gulch. Probably the battleground I love the most next to Eye of the Storm. I like the “cap the flag” nature of the game and the epic battles you can have on the midfield trying to kill the one carrying a flag, or maybe protect the one carrying your flag.
Especially as warrior, with some healers on your ass, you can be very deadly there. No one is happy having a relentlessly assaulting Arms Warrior on their ass. Especially one that Just. Won’t. Die. So when it was Warsong Gulch weekend this weekend I was really happy. 4 days of happily queueing for that battleground, upping my rep, my WSG Veteran achievement (currently on 47/100 wins) and some other achievements I still lacked.

However, that dream was shortlived. I think I’ve experienced one of the worst Warsong Gulch Weekends ever. Not only were the Horde teams disappointingly bad, 9 out of 10 games I was faced against an Alliance premade. Often one from my own server even. The most fun where the games where the Horde team saw it was a premade and actually gave up from the start. Comments like “it’s a premade so just lose fast” weren’t rare and made me kind of angry. I don’t get the people that don’t even want to try. I think they shouldn’t belong in a Battleground to start with. Another common thing seemed to be just fighting in the midfield without even attempting to grab the opponent’s flag. I mean, without capping flags, there is no WSG win. But people forget that sometimes and apparently only want to see either their Honorable Kills go up, or their rank in the Battleground itself. Whatever the reason is, they’re not helping the Battleground at all. And when they could be useful, aka kill the Enemy Flag Carrier, they aren’t able to do so which means the opposite teams scores and we lose… Again. After a weekend of this, your hopes of a normal Battleground are kind of gone.

Anyhow, I think from all the games I’ve played this weekend I maybe won 3.
I did get an achievement done tho and now I only need Veteran and Quick Cap. So it hasn’t been entirely fruitless. But very very disappointing. I hope this trend won’t persist into the other BG weekends. Since I do want my Veterans and, in the case of WSG and AB, my rep. I guess only time can tell…


Posted June 29, 2010 by Kassandri in PvP, Warrior

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