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One of the most sought after and despised weapons in the game: Bryntroll, the Bone Arbiter. This 2-handed weapon drops from the first boss in Icecrown Citadel 25 man mode and has, as you can see, no stats other than a lifestealing procc. I’m linking the heroic one, because that’s the one I have obtained.
Why is it loved and despised? Well to be fair, the droprate of that thing has been insane for our guild. It dropped almost every week when we raided Icecrown and I think it’s getting disenchanted or given to offspeccs currently because they have no clue what to do with it. Some people tend to whine that it drops over more usefull items, something to which I agree partly. For our guild’s paladins and DK tank this thing is almost best in slot and so they didn’t have any problems with needing it. There’s only one more class that can do something with this weapon: the Warrior. And there is where my focus lies.

I needed this weapon over my 251 weapon that I picked up in a pug or an altrun once, Ramaladni’s Blade of Culling. As you can see that weapon has quite some expertise on it and the moment I replaced it, I knew I would be in trouble. My expertise fell down to 15 where it should be 26 and so I had to switch some gear around, downgrade a ring and eat expertise food to stay on that cap. Apart from the extra socket I recieved, I hoped that the lifesteal would come in handy aswell. I was unfortunately very very wrong. The lifesteal proccs like shit for a fury warrior. Not only that, I really resented giving up stats for a procc that sucked in PvE. The first chance I got to replace the thing was on a Lich King kill where he dropped his shiny sword which solved all my expertise problems and some more. The guild couldn’t understand why I would downgrade my heroic Bryntroll to a normal Glorenzelg. I kindly explained that it wasn’t only a DPS increase, but it also fixed my immediate stats problem that had arised with replacing Ramaladni. Afterwards I got told that that particular sword is practially Best in Slot as Mainhand and if you get a beter mainhand as Offhand for a warrior. Bryntroll however is almost number one on the sucky list. Well it is for fury, because for Arms PvP…

THIS WEAPON IS GOD! GOD I TELL YOU! HELL YEAH BABY. I might have to switch my specc around again, because my boyfriend recently found out that if you spam hamstring, the lifesteal proccs like an insane thing. What can you possibly wish for more than a weapon that heals you as warrior? Not only is it awesome in Arena, when used properly you can even survive in a Battleground a bit longer without getting healed. In that regard, Bryntroll is Best in Slot for warriors pvp wise. Not only because of it’s high damage and 3 socket spots, but because of the lifesteal that is so worthless in PvE. So where it’s a big thumbs down for a fury warrior, it’s a big thumbs up for Arms pvp.

Bryntroll is a weapon with two faces. Hated by fury warriors because it’s the last resort you take for your dps, but loved by arms warriors to pvp with because it’s the same lifesteal that is useless for fury that makes it the cutting edge for arms. I’m very happy I obtained this weapon. And I have to admit, the Battlegrounds look ever more luring if you know that you have that awesome weapon to kill people with…


Posted June 18, 2010 by Kassandri in PvP, Raiding, Theorycrafting, Warrior

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