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We are all thrilled when our beloved character dings level 80 and we can start collecting gear and do shiny dungeons and raids. After a while tho, you find out that there is more than doing dungeons and raids and when you can’t gear up anymore often you look for something else to do. One of these “something elses” is PvP!
Now, correct me if I’m wrong, the average new player will not commence in PvP activity during levelling (a lot), since it’s not the easiest way to level up and since most people rather just kill animals, murlocs and the like. This is especially so on normal servers where you also do not have to deal with world PvP and ganking. So when you’re 80, and have time to spare, you can turn your attention to PvP and discover an entire new world in the World of Warcraft!

The first things you want to look at:
Every class has atleast one specc to commence in PvP with. To give some examples, for a warrior this is Arms, for a mage it’s Frost and for a priest it can be Discipline. When you start to PvP search on the web what is the most suited specc to play PvP with for you. If you’re unexperienced I say go for the easiest specc or the most common specc since the most advice is given on these speccs. Just find out what specc you want to play in PvP, read up on how it works and specc it. For some classes this will be harder than others, for instance a hunter can PvP with all three speccs whereas a mage is best off as Frost. It’s all about personal preference tho, but again I’d choose for the easiest/most known PvP specc per class.
After you’ve specced your favorite specc, it’s time to get practicing it because no one is a miracle player overnight. It’s taken me 2 years to perfect the play on my own warrior and I still feel that I can improve a whole lot! So don’t be afraid to spam the battlegrounds, the more practise you get in, the easier and more fun it (hopefully) will become to play your class in PvP.

Gear is an important issue when starting to PvP. Nowadays you can PvP in your regular gear pretty well, but you will be an easy to kill target since normal gear lacks Resilience. What exactly is this resilience? Resilience is a stat only to be found on PvP gear. What it essentially does is reduce the chance you will get critically hit and reduce all damage taken by a certain amount. The more resilience you stack, the less damage you take sorta speak. This is important because if you ever encounter an Elemental shaman who’s popped all his cooldowns and casts Lava Burst at your face you know that it will hurt a lot. As in up to 17k crits a lot. When you have resilience this damage will go down together with the chance that they crit on you as a whole!
The way to obtain this PvP gear is, yet again, by doing battlegrounds. There are currently multiple PvP sets with Furious Gladiator being the lowest and Wrathful Gladiator being the highest. The difference between these sets is if you choose to play Arena or not. But since this is a Basics guide I will stick to doing battlegrounds only so that means you can get a full Furious Gladiator mainset with some Relentless and Wrathful offparts. The difference between mainparts and offparts will be shown below!
Sidenote! All of the parts below are bought with honor or emblems in the mainset case, if you click on the links you will see how much honor/emblems the parts are. The honor cap per character is atm 75k so decide wisely what gear you purchase!
The Main Set
The main set consists of a headpiece, shoulders, gloves, chest and pants. This is currently the Furious Gladiator set. For convenience I’ll link the warrior set below.

As you can see, the main set consists of five parts. If you obtain two parts you will get a setbonus just like on PvE gear and on four parts you will also obtain a setbonus. The gloves have an additional bonus that is different for every class and is class based.
The Offset
The offset is in fact all other parts that do not belong to the mainset. So that’s neck, cloak, bracers, belt, boots and rings. Trinkets and weapons are a category of their own since most PvPers have a PvE weapon and one or more PvE trinkets.
The offset obtainable for a warrior who only does Battlegrounds will look a little something like this:

As you can see, some of the items called Victory have hit on them instead of crit. This is because as a warrior you need 5% hit in PvP. This goes for all melee, I’m not sure about the spellhit tho so you have to look it up for yourself. Apart from the belt/boots/bracers there are many variations with stats on the cloaks, rings and necks. You have to look for yourself which of these will suit your character best or which ones are recommended to take. When you are unsure, you can alway ask a more experienced PvPer what he or she would do.
Trinkets and Weapons
Unfortunately good PvP weapons are only available to those that play arena on high rankings. Therefore your PvE weapon will do just fine in PvP. As for trinkets, the only trinket I recommend that you take is Medallion of the Horde/Alliance. This trinket will let you escape from stuns, polymorphs, cyclones and the like. The only two races that essentially can do without the trinket are Humans due to their “Every Man For Himself” racial which provides the same escape or as Undead who have “Will Of The Forsaken”.
Gemming and Enchanting
Unfortunatly I can’t say anything useful about this either since it differs per class. Again, look it up for yourself and see what other people say or what the community says to gem and enchant on your gear. You can always experiment later, but at the start it’s better to go with the mainstream.
Is a full PvP set that necessary?
Well, some people don’t have to have a full PvP set. When you raid endgame content, you can swap out some PvP stuff for PvE stuff for increased damage and healing and the like. However if you do not have the chance to obtain these items I strongly advise to take a full PvP set. It will make you tougher but will also keep your damage at a decent level.

The PvP itself!
Now that we’ve discussed the gear and specc section, let’s talk about the actual PvPing that takes place. If you press your “H” button a PvP screen will pop up and you can select battlegrounds. If you want diversity, just select “random battleground” and join the queue! It will put you in a random battleground, so you never know where you will end up.
Now let’s discuss some important and basic stuff for PvPing:
Practice, practice, practice!
When you first walk into a Battleground you can’t expect everyone to just drop dead on when they see you. No, most likely you will be the one facing the floor for the majority of time. This is ok, since hey, you’re just a newbie who’s learning to play his or her class for the first time in PvP. Just remember not to give up because you will get there, you will get better and you will be able to eat people’s faces if you just practice enough!
Stick with the group.
Especially when you don’t have enough gear yet, stick with a group of people. You are less vulnerable in a group than when you are singled out. It’s most likely that you will get singled out anyway since the trained PvP eye can scout bad gear, but still your chances are higher, especially if your group has a healer with them who can heal you up while you spam your frostbolt button at that warrior who wants to eat your face. So really, just stick with the group!
Figure out what you need to do to win the Battleground.
At this point I would like to refer to the lovely Cynwise from Cynwise’s Battlefield Manual who has made marvelous in depth battleground guides. For almost all the Battlegrounds it’s really obvious what to do to win. If you obtain better gear you can go for the flag in Warsong Gulch yourself or you can defend a base in Arathi Basin, a tower in Alterac Valley or a wall in Strand of the Ancients. If anything, just go with the flow. Cap bases if you have to cap bases, and kill flagcarriers to obtain that flag. Once you figured out how it works and what you need to do to win everything becomes a lot easier. And ofcourse the best way to find out, is just by heading out and doing it!
And most importantly….
Have fun!!
If you are not having fun while PvPing, ok ok some frustrations are allowed, you shouldn’t PvP. Just go do something else for a while or choose not to PvP at all anymore. It’s about the game you want to play and have fun with, so try to do so. Losing can be stupid, but if you fought the hardest you could or was the only one that managed to steal bases back and had fun doing it, you’ll see that it’s not so bad after all.

I hope to see all of you in a Battleground someday. Go out and punch faces!


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  1. I think it’s probably fair to say that most people don’t do a lot of PvP while they level. As far as it not being the easiest way to level up, that might be true for the first 20 levels but AB can get you more experience in a shorter amount of time than questing or running randoms can *if* you happen to win them. After level 51 when AV opens up you actually get more experience from that than any other activity where a win is just shy of a full level every time.

    If you want to find the popular PvP specs, the best resource for that is: http://armorydatamining.appspot.com/general?t=PopBigPicture#url where you can find the top PvP specs and gear that have been datamined from the armory. The information there doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best, just that it’s the most commonly used.

    While it is important to realize and accept the fact that you’re going to get killed in PvP, it’s also important to remember that you’re not the only new person out there and that your lack of skill does not automatically mean that you or your team are going to lose. There are a lot of people who play this game that still have never seen their first BG or who have no PvP experience other than Wintergrasp. You aren’t guaranteed to spend half the fight tanking the floor just because you’re new, and even someone with no experience at all can take down a skilled PvP player. Your chances might not be very big, but it happens.

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