It’s Going To Be The Troll…   5 comments

With more and more stuff from Cataclysm coming out in public I feel that it’s on our doorstep. I like to know some stuff, but not too much since I do wanna stay curious.
There is a beta opt in, but since I prefer not to have a programm by Blizzard running on the background to collect data I’ve chosen not to opt in.

Some other choices I did make and am in the process of making. As you might have noticed the activity on my blog has gone down a bit. I have the same thing as Chas from Righteous Orbs, the more I play WoW, the less time I spent blogging about it. Because in all honesty, I just don’t have much to say about most of my chars. My hunter is still raiding (I kinda gave up PvP on her because she’s boring me) and the rest of my chars are still tumbling around. One of the chars I’m paying a lot of attention to is my beloved Troll Warrior: Sassiej.
She has been around since the start of my WoW career, I’ve been playing her for 3 years now, and she was the first char on my own account. I’ve done a lot of things on her, experienced 3 Brewfests eventho my FoS only show the last one since I deleted the yellow and blue mug on a huge bank cleanout in TBC, I still regret doing that to this day. Yes I’ve ticketed a GM about it but “It’s too long ago”. I’ve got the original Yellow/Red Clockwork Rocket Robot and also saw the Spirit of Competition Event which I thought was “OMG LAME!” at the time.  So now I’m trying to get her as many other achievements as possible. I’ve done Loremaster on her, I am Chef and Salty on her, fished up the Giant Rat and have a nice starting collection of rare mounts. I’ve got the Swift Zulian Tiger, Swift White Hawkstrider, Red AQ mount and the VoA passenger mammoth. Me and my boyfriend are still farming Zul’Gurub for a tiger for him and a raptor for me and I hope to pick up farming for Baron Rivendare’s mount soon(ish). I’ve been farming money on her to get a Mechano Hog and I’m on 85/100 mounts for the 100 mounts achievement.
Her pet collection shows to the right of the page and she is my main PvP/Arena character.
I’m also trying to get Shadow’s Edge on her.

Lately I’ve been trying to figure out why I am beginning to dislike my hunter, kind of the same way I started to dislike my priest. I like playing both classes, but after a while it starts to bore me and I don’t feel like playing at all. I rolled my hunter after quitting on my priest because I thought that she would be more viable to raid with, my warrior was heavily undergeared as prot with an arms offspecc so I passed on the idea to roll to her. Something that when I think back to has been a stupid decision. The reason I get bored with my hunter and priest is the same reason I farm achievements like hell on my warrior, I want to reroll my warrior. I’ve never been able to play her properly, back at the start due to my very old and very bad PC which couldn’t handle melee range animations but could handle healer range animations which made me roll my priest. When WotLK came out, I just stuck to my priest out of convenience and when I rolled horde I took my hunter because I was used to playing ranged, but just wanted to DPS this time. It’s all coming back to bite me in the ass now. Now that my guild is progressing on heroic ICC 25 man, I find myself more eager to spend time on my warrior than on my hunter which makes me underperform as a hunter and dislike raiding as a whole.

For me Cataclysm can’t come soon enough. I can roll the char that I’ve been meaning to play all along, but only just found out that it’s her where my passion lies. Good thing I did tho, because it would suck if I got bored 3 months into Cataclysm but not being able to reroll due to the gear that I have gotten from raiding.
Now only to make my guild stop with troll jokes…


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5 responses to “It’s Going To Be The Troll…

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  1. Mm I think I kind of know the feeling to a sense.. I reroll when I feel I need to, if I don’t I’d probably just quit /shrug.

    But I have rerolled, and I’m struggling with it because I cannot find an ICC group for the life of me :< Ambro has said he'll try and help but as much as I have confidence that he will try, I doubt that the others in his raid would care much, who knows. And I'm shit scared of pugs, if the group failed after a couple of bosses I would get pretty mad. Ah well, I'll keep trying, almost have a pair of tier 10 gloves from daily heroicing, voa and weeklies..

  2. I’ve been rerolling a few times. Even though I still have my main (Shaemus the Gnome Mage), I have another mage, a priest and a warlock at 80. I’m also working on a fourth mage, a troll this time though.

    I completely agree with you, having alts is a fantastic thing. I’m lucky enough to be able to raid ICC10 with my guild on my main, while being easily able to pug ICC on my priest through a number of connections I have. My warlock gets the rough end of the stick, but that’s tough for him.

    I’d always say stick to what’s fun at the time. Don’t do something because you feel obliged to, or because the game or group dynamics force a particular choice. If it’s good for you and what you want to do then go for it.

    • At the moment I have 6 level 80 chars and to be honest, I can’t find the time to play them all, at all! But now that I decided to roll my warrior I feel a certain “yay Wow!” feeling that I’ve missed since wel… TBC actually. Secretly I’ve always thought of my warrior as Main, but now I’m actually rolling her as main.

      But yeah having alts is very benificial, not only for more diversity in playing the game but also the profits from having more than two professions. For now I’m happy with my choice atleast ^^

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