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My mage dinged 80 last night after 3 days of getting the last remaining levels, hurray! I crafted her the cloth ulduar dps belt and to my joy I could queue for a heroic dungeon.

I got into a group with a warlock, a Paladin, a Druid tank and a Shaman healer.. In Halls of Stone heroic. In all honesty, I hate HoS heroic, I rather go Oculus 5 times a day than do HoS.

The tank immediatly started pulling, when half the party wasn’t even zoned in yet. The healer barely managed to keep him alive but some people aggroed off him and died. Which isn’t strange considering the idiot pulled like 12 mobs and didn’t bother to build up aggro on any of them. After we’d downed the first wave of mobs he pulled all mobs in the corridor that leads to all three bosses and expected to be healed while doing so.

Ofcourse the healer aggroed, in fact the whole party aggroed because he didn’t build up any aggro at all. We wiped and after calling us a bunch of noobs he left the party, taking the 30 mins cooldown for granted cuz hey, a tank gets almost instant queues anyway.

After waiting a minute or 5/6 we got a new tank. A warrior that was half PvP geared (Resilience makes you crit immune hurr hurr, it’s still more shit than def gear!!) and was showing the exact same behavior as the druid before. Pulling lots of mobs and not keeping any aggro on them, so we wiped again. After telling him that resi is subpar to defense in tanking dungeons, which in his opinion ofcourse wasn’t true, he left the dungeon forcing us to look for a new tank again.

Shortly after my mage was apparently kicked from the group, most likely because she had just dinged and was therefore undergeared.

All this stuff has made me a bit angry and upset. I myself play a paladin as tank (altho lately she’s hasn’t been doing much) and when I venture into a dungeon I make sure to pull as much as the healer says he can handle. Sometimes I’ve pulled entire rooms or corridors of mobs when the healer was awesome and where I was confident in my abilities to keep threat but often enough I pulled one pack at a time because the healer wasn’t awesome or when I felt I couldn’t keep decent threat.

I feel like an execption in doing this to be honest. Most of the tanks that I encounter in my random heroic parties have the tendency to overpull like idiots and don’t mind the healer or their own threat. This makes it very annoying to do the dungeon you’re supposed to do. Either you complete it and head out with a huge repairbill or you kick the tank/the tank leaves and you’re stuck waiting for a new one.

Due to the immense lack of tanks, most of them think they can pull of being immense jerks. Even my boyfriend can be dickish about dungeons sometimes when he complains that he doesn’t get healed properly when he takes an entire room/corridor and doesn’t realize the healer might not be on the same gearlevel as him.

Just because you get instant queues, doesn’t mean you can be a dick. Bearing in mind the people that you are doing the dungeon with and acting accordingly will get you much more fun and emblems than being a fucktarded dickhead who thinks he can get away with everything. Thank god there is a crossrealm ignore list…


Posted May 4, 2010 by Kassandri in Mage, Randomness

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