Failing Raids: Can you say no to a friend?   Leave a comment

I’m typing this blog from my boyfriend’s laptop while he’s playing my warrior in an ICC 10 man raid. I know it sounds weird but I really couldn’t be arsed to play her anymore due to 1: the raid taking ages, and 2: the raid failing. How did I get here? I’ll explain…

This afternoon a rogue friend of mine asked if I could fill up the last DPS spot in the raid that he had organized with the people from a LAN party they were having at another friend of mine’s house. I said: Sure why not.
Knowing that they were knowing what to do I expected a smooth raid with some laughs. We started fairly late, 5 pm and dinner was served at 6 so I had to go eat. After dinner I found out that the raid was still there and that everyone had eaten and that we were ready to go again. We one shotted Saurfang and moved on to Rotface and there was where the nightmare started. The add tank had never kited before resulting in oozes running around everywhere. Ok forgivable. Next try, healers were so busy dispelling that the tank who was tanking Rotface didn’t get any heals and died. Next try, again healers failing to heal, tank dies, raid horrible dies. The paladin healer who was there was whining about having to run to the addtank to drop off his ooze and therefore he couldn’t heal properly, we kindly asked him if he put up his beacon so that he could spamheal himself and the tank while running with oozes. No response and we figured he didn’t have a beacon up, we were right. At that point we were already 45 mins underway on Rotface and I started to get really annoyed. Not only were the healers fucking about, the dps was doing all but dpsing. Ret paladin under the tanks is just .. no.. So I asked my BF to take over so I could write this ranty ranty post about the raid that was failing.

If it were a pug I would’ve left, however these were my friends, well atleast some of them, so I stayed and let my boyfriend play my char so I could cool down a bit and maybe take over later on. I do however resent the fact that it can piss me off so badly. I know it’s a game, I know I should relax but I got more stuff to do than spending the entire night on a boss that almost all the server has on farm, the thing is I don’t want to let them down, even tho they’re giving my char the repairbill from hell at the moment.

They finally downed Rotface in the end, but I’m fearing Festergut and what he’ll do to rip the raid apart…


Posted April 24, 2010 by Kassandri in Raiding

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