The Raiding Blues   2 comments

No this is not about loot, this is about when you actually don’t feel like raiding anymore.

Lately I’ve been wanting to reroll to my warrior, badly. I don’t like my hunter anymore, she’s a pain to play on Lich King, she’s a pain to play in 10 man at all lately. I annoy myself at going oom or having major threat issues (FD get’s resisted often enough) and I hate it when I fuck up and come too close to a boss and start meleeing. Especially with the ridiculous huge hitboxes of Lich King and Marrowgar and Sindragosa, it can be a major problem.

One of the things annoying me the most is that people AREN’T DOING WHAT THEY SHOULD. For instance, in the phase transitions on Lich King you have these lovely Icy Orbs Of Doom. If they touch you you will get blown back, often over the edge and die. These orbs spawn at the Lich King and move towards the raid. When you have a 3 group setup the orbs will move to a person in one of those three groups. However the people who stand to the left cannot reach the people who stand to the right, so basically the left and right groups have to kill the orbs on their respective sides. However there are SOME PEOPLE who think DPS is more important than STAYING THE FUCK ALIVE. They don’t see the need of dpsing down the orbs and so they die and in doing so WIPE THE RAID. Which PISSES ME OFF! Especially if you got better things to do (study for a test -.-) and these fucktards make you wipe for more than an hour. And then they ASSUME that you AS HUNTER should kill ALL THE FUCKING ORBS because you’re a  hunter. And because you obviously can’t split yourself in 3, you can only down one orb at a time and if you have 2 orbs at the same height one will be bound to hit. And if you are on the orbs you can’t dps the other adds so the raid gets overrun with other adds especially if the rest of the dps doesn’t know what the fuck to do.

Another thing that annoys me is the retarded way ICC works. Of the 12 bosses in there about 3 or 4 are hunter friendly. Lady Deathwhisper, Festergut, Rotface (if you don’t get silly debuff on you) and Bloodqueen. Those are the fights you can really let loose as hunter. On marrowgar you have the silly bone spikes, ridiculous hitbox and bonestorm. Gunship is a stupid fight for all classes, Saurfang requires a hunter to jump back and forth with traps. On Professor there’s too much movement and switching to adds. Dreamwalker exists of shooting at some random adds while waiting for the healers to do the real job, Sindragosa puts a stacking debuff on you to the point that you HAVE TO STOP dpsing, not to mention the stupid icetombs. Blood Council is utter chaos where you as hunter are supposed to deal with Kinetic Bombs, and often in my world that means solo dealing with 3 or 4 of them on 25 man. And Lich King… Let’s not go there, basically you get to do all but DPSing in that fight.

So if you mix all this together and put it in 2 raidnights, no wonder I get cranky or tired of my hunter. And believe me, with being a trial in my boyfriend’s guild (yes I’ve decided to move) it’s a bad time to hate raiding. Especially on a char that is the same class as the GM…


Posted April 20, 2010 by Kassandri in Hunter, Raiding

2 responses to “The Raiding Blues

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  1. Oh dear, that troll Hunter with the name beginning with K? He makes some TERRIBLE choices with gear alone, I’d hate to see him as a player.

    You’ve pinned down one of the reasons I hate raiding now. ICECROWN IS SHIT. That and people wind me up more than they should but yeah. Know what ya mean.

    • Yeah the hunter who’s name starts with a K 😛

      Tbh I’m kinda fed up with being the errand boy of the raid of who people assume will take care of the adds and stuff. “Hurr hurr you’re a hunter it’s your job durr”.

      Feels like I have to do all the dirty work while others get to mindlessly DPS, kinda pisses me off and makes me resent playing my hunter even more. Especially on nights where I want to have a chillnight, not a “juggle 3 orbs on Blood Council” night.

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