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Lately I’ve been trying to scrape some money together on my chars to buy me a much wanted Chopper for my warrior. I’ve been getting gems from badges and honor and letting them get cut and put them on AH, I try to sell as much enchanting mats as possible and I even craft flasks on my paladin to put up on the AH. For my warrior Eternal Belt Buckles are the major source of AH income.

Now that I have 3 chars on 80 on one side of my home server and time to spare since my education got uuuh postponed by a year I decided to take up doing dailies again. The dailies I will be talking about are the ones that most people can do on atleast 1 character and possibly more if they have alts.

First stop: Argent Tournament
Argent Tournament dailies, they are numerous and they all give you a nice profit. When you’re still in the process of getting Champion with all factions but are Exalted with the Sunreavers your average Daily list will look a bit like this.
– 4 Valiant quests, all worth 13G and 23S
– 3 Sunreaver quests, all worth 13G and 23S
– 4 Champion quests, all worth 13G and 23S. In addition all Champion quests reward you with 10G extra if you pick the  money purse.
A quick calculation shows that from the Argent Tournament alone you can make 185G and 52S per day. In my case, I have 3 characters that can do the quests mentioned above, that will total out to 556G and 59S per day.
When you are done with your Valiant quests, you will open up quests to replace them, there are 3 instead of 4 per day then so you will lose 13G 23S per day but it’s not that huge a loss.

Second Stop: Sons of Hodir
The Sons of Hodir are a faction where most people are atleast honored with on all chars due to not being able to purchase BoA exalted enchants untill Blizzard made them BoA. (Weird sentence i know o.O). When your character is at Revered status with the Sons of Hodir it will have unlocked all available daily quests.
At Revered SoH provides 6 daily quests.
– 5 of these dailies provide 13G 23S as reward
– 1 daily will provide 16G 53S as reward
On 1 char this comes down to 82G and 68S per day. For me, having 3 chars on revered or higher, this comes down to 248G and 4S.

Third Stop: Profession Dailies
There are two profession Dailies available to everyone. One for fishing and one for cooking. They both reward about 10/15 gold each depending on the daily and what you get from your fishing bag. You can’t only get recipes but also fun stuff from the fishing bag like Porcelain Bell which sells for up to 100G. Doing them is definately worth it and if you do it on one character it’s 20-25G extra per day, on 3 characters this totals out to 60-75G not counting the rewards from the fishing bag.

Fourth Stop: Oracle/Frenzyheart Dailies
Oracles and Frenzyheart both provide 3 dailies each per character. All three quests together is 42G and 27S. For me, I can currently do them on two chars, it means 84G and 54S per day.

Last Stop: Knights of the Ebon Blades Dailies
Knights of the Ebon Blade Dailies are opened up once you’ve followed the questline of the Ebon Blade in Icecrown. There are two quest hubs, the first one being at the Shadow Vault and offering 3 quests which all provide 13G and 23S and the second one being at Death’s Rise also offering 3 quests which all provide 13G and 23S. On one char this comes down to 79G and 38S. I myself can do it on two chars so that’s 158G and 76S per day.

All of the dailies and gold mentioned above are excluding drops from mobs that you need to kill which can get you a nice amount of gold aswell especially if greenies drop.

All in all if you do all the quests mentioned above on one character it will earn you 412G and 35S a day. Doing all the daily’s will take up to 2 hours depending on your speed (I usually finish mine in about an hour) and you can multiply the number by all the chars you have available for doing the dailies. For me my daily earnings could come down to 1237G and 05S. And this is the reason why Dailies are worth doing!

I might have missed out on some dailies, but I took the most common ones to calculate the amount of gold you can earn each day. Hope you enjoyed this little piece of information!


Posted April 15, 2010 by Kassandri in Randomness

3 responses to “Making Money: Why Dailies Are Worth Doing

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  1. There are tons of dailies that you can do, spread out all around Northrend. The Kalu’ak, Logging Camp (GH), and Venture Bay dailies come to mind for me. And Wyrmrest Temple if you need to hone your dragon fighting skills.

    There are a lot of dailies that can be done, it’s mostly a matter of personal preference which ones you do. Overall you stand to get the most benefit from Hodir and Argent Tournament, but eventually they get pretty evened out with all the others.

    I’m not a big fan of doing dailies myself, but it’s a great way to get the cash flowing when you need it.

    • Yeah you can easily do that 25 dailies in one day, I just took these because these are the most well known and most of them are in the same areas.

      You can make much more money per day if you would track down all the dailies and do all of them indeed.

      I myself usually keep to the ones I mentioned above here, next to putting stuff on AH they provide a solid income, it just takes lots of time to do them ^^

  2. Late comment, but there are so many dailies in Icecrown with the tournament and stuff that personally, I don’t find I have to leave the area to do 25 dailies.

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