Reign of Terror: Being At The Bottom   Leave a comment

So, my warlock Fiorentin dinged 20 and got her Succubus quest done and now has a succubus!
The first thing that I saw and made me go “NOES!” was that I didn’t have Seduce. I want seduce, give me seduce! NOAW!
The other problem I was faced with that after dominating lowbies in WSG at level 18 and 19, I’d be at the bottom of the foodchain again. A level 20 warlock versus level 29 say hunters has no survival chances at all. So basically both of my warlocks are dangling at the bottom (Nuriko still being level 12) and I’m largely dependant on other people to drag me through it all.

Something that did delight me was the fact that I can now join AB. Even tho I am getting raped on every possible location, it’s why being a level 20 sucks no?
A solution to getting owned I found in my voidwalker. Sacrifice is a delightful ability, and will give me a bit more survival chances. That being said, level 29 folk still hurt… A lot… A whole damn lot. I miss the fact that I don’t have any higher rank lifedrain or corruption yet, so I’m still ticking 13 of someone with 800 health (leveling gear ftl :<). So largely I”m dependant on others to drag me through it all. Not that I’m not having fun, it’s just not as fun.

I’ll be looking forward to spending most of my time like this on both my chars untill I reach the *7-*9 level brackets:

Also notice the comment from the hunter on rogue damage 😛 He got attacked by one and instead of sticking to the rest he ran away, telling us we let him die, to which I replied he shouldn’t have run. After that he complained about rogues doing sick damag (as hunter, complaining about rogues while you’re the most OP class in the 10-19 bracket -.-), to which I replied: they tend to do that… God that was a lovely BG, even tho I was dead most of the times.

Will keep you updated! Now I’m just lying around dead ^^


Posted April 4, 2010 by Kassandri in PvP, Warlock

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