Reign Of Terror: Death To The Silverwing Sentinels!   Leave a comment

When I step into the lowbie WSG on Fiorentin I always get this little kick of excitement. I know I will be melting faces, fearing, life draining and dotting people up. That is what a warlock is supposed to do right?

Usually just before the battle everyone buffs up, I summon my imp (imp > voidwalker, seriously… I found that out the hard way -.-) and hope to get 400 health. Due to my warlock not having level gear or any other nice gear my health is quite low. However I did get the WSG ring and staff so that makes me a happy lock 😀
Anyway back to the start of the fight. Most of the times you run as a group over the graveyard and down into the midfield. No mounts, only classes that can cheat (druids, hunters, rogues, shamans) on speed and you really do feel like an army of soldiers ready to battle the enemy.

When you see the Silverwing Sentinels running, your job, your only job as lowbie warlock is to do them all up. All of them. Dot, Dot, Dot, Dot! Make them all burn with your shadowy goodness. Let them die a slow and painful death. It doesn’t matter if you get killed in the process, as long as you dot them all up. When you get the time, lifedrain one to keep yourself up to par and to be able to lifetap. Other than that just run around dotting. When you see a flag carrier, run at it, dot it, fear it, rinse and repeat. Your only job is to maim that lowbie level 15 flagcarriers face. And possible every other player in the BG.

As lowbie warlock it’s wise if you stick with the group, especially if you have no leveling gear or any other statboosting gear. Sticking with the group  means you don’t stand out and will not get picked out by an overpowered level 12 hunter and damn they are stupidly OP. It also means that they are forced to spread their attention, giving YOU more time to tab and dot. Nothing more fun than a group in chaos while you laugh at your dots slowly eating away their HP. There is no running away far enough to mount in lowbie WSG, you can follow them around eternally, dotting them, lifedraining them, untill they die.

The only silly position I find myself often in is that everyone around me is dead, and then you’re an open target. And even tho some people might only be level 13, they hit hard. Especially as paladins with leveling gear… Or hunters with leveling gear… Or well anything that is physical damage with leveling gear. Pallies hit me: warlock goes SQUISH! One of the only disadvantages up till now in lowbie WSG. I’m still enjoying myself tho. Melting faces, inciting fear, and all without the use of a mount! And watching people run away dieing to your dots is the biggest satisfaction there is… Even on lvl 17.


Posted March 25, 2010 by Kassandri in PvP, Warlock

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