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Today I went to do some 2v2 on my hunter. I’m in a team with a resto shaman (Ptisk) who is the alt of a discipline priest in our guild. He geared up his shaman for PvP and since my hunter has way better gear than my warrior I decided to team up with him and now we’re working our way through the 1200 bracket.
Let’s just say that I found out that MM Hunter/Resto Shaman 2v2 is very, very overpowered. In our first week we did 20 games and won 13, even tho we were only just playing together and this week we did 13 games so far and won 11.

While doing the games today I noticed we had won 6 games in a row, and mentioned this to my partner. He said that he would turn on the tracking for Hot Streak and I immediatly thought that that would jinx us and made us lose the game after. Fortunately it didn’t. It actually went so well, that we did win 10 games in a row and that provided us both with the achievement Hot Streak! An achievement I’ve wanted on my warrior for ages and am very proud of that I got it on my hunter.

I would like to share with you 2 games of that Hot streak. The first one being against an Arms Warrior/ Holy Paladin combination. Usually warriors scare me on my hunter. Next to rogues and feral druids they’re the ones that can reach me easily and hurt me… A lot. This particular team had their eyes set on killing my healer, giving me the advantage of free movement and thus nuking them down. In response the warrior turned his attention to me and I needed to figure out a way to get that reversed. So I went after the paladin, causing the warrior to turn his attention to my healer again. At some point (it was in Blade’s Edge Arena, you know the one with the bridge) we were under the bridge, the warrior for some reason having popped his defensive cooldowns, when an idea came to mind. I asked my dear shaman healer to do what shaman healers do best, kite the warrior around! I asked him to run around a pole, the warrior followed him, the paladin followed the warrior in an attempt to heal him and I stood at 1 side of the pole, shooting at the warrior everytime they passed by.
Now imagine this. A ghostwolf running around a pole, chased by a warrior in turn chased by a paladin. It was a ridiculous sight, but it proved to be our victory. In 3 laps around that pole I shot the warrior down to 10%. He panicked and tried to move away when he got hit by my Killshot, and had only 1% HP left. My healer popped his lava burst and killed the warrior, leaving his paladin healer at the mercy of a Hunter and a Resto Shaman. I laughed when he decided to leave the arena and wished I could’ve taped the entire arena game because it was so hilarious.

The other game is the game which has gotten us our Hot Streak achievement. Anxiously waiting in the same Blade’s Edge Arena I told my healer that we were definately going to lose this because of my bad luck. When we entered the Arena we saw a very squishy PvE geared hunter with a resto druid, a combination we had encountered 2 times before and conquered 2 times before. My healer popped Bloodlust as we stormed over the bridge to nuke down the hunter. He died in 3 seconds, the druid giving up immediatly. We couldn’t believe it, we had gotten our Hot Streak thanks to this amazingly sucky team, or well maybe just some pure luck with the Blizzard Matchmaking System.

All in all a quite productive arena day. We went up from 1100 to 1200 rating, only 100 more to go for Wrathful Belt eh?


Posted March 25, 2010 by Kassandri in Achievements, Hunter, PvP

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