Introducing: Reign Of Terror   4 comments

When I started a char on Argent Dawn-EU for the Single Abstract Noun guild I chose a Warlock. Simply due to the fact that I had just read Cynwise’s post about Draintanking and wanted to try it out myself.
Now my little warlock Fiorentin is level 17, has almost 700 honorable kills and is terrorizing lowbie WSG. I enjoy playing a warlock in PvP so much (I feel so evil fearing and dotting people up and watch them die while I do an evil laugh) that I decided to start another warlock on my home server Vashj-EU. This one is a female human (since I didn’t have any anymore after faction changing my warrior) and goes by the name Nuriko. She is level 10 and already has more than 100 honorable kills on her name.

In this series of posts which will be called Reign of Terror I’ll fill you in on how I pretend to be all pro and evil in lowbie battlegrounds on both a horde and an alliance warlock. I hope you will enjoy the series. The first post is coming up this afternoon when I get home!


Posted March 24, 2010 by Kassandri in PvP, Warlock

4 responses to “Introducing: Reign Of Terror

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  1. *cheers more warlocks in pvp!*

    Glad you liked the drain tanking post — if you freeze Fiorentin’s XP at level 19, you’ll find me in the twink battlegrounds of the Ruin battlegroup.

    Looking forward to the series!

    • Unfortunately I’m on the EU servers so I probably won’t meet you :<
      I think I'll level her to 80, but will probably keep my alliance warlock (Nuriko) as twink to harass some hordies ^^

  2. Im also looking forward to it. I spent a long time as a twink lock in the 39 bracket. You will love it. Right after you fear someone /chicken them. Then laugh. Good times.

  3. I should have done more PvP with my Warlock while she was still low level. I should have done more PvP with her in general, really.

    Half of her gear is on loan to my druid right now, but I might have to pull her out for some mass slaying this week.

    Looking forward to the series, and subscribed now to make sure I keep up on it. 🙂

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