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Today I would like to cover the first 2v2 team of the new series I’m starting about Arena Setups with you: Holy Paladin & Arms Warrior.

Paladin/Warrior has been an ancient Arena Combo dating back to the times of early TBC when Arena first came out. It’s the combo I’ve played from the start with my boyfriend in TBC and in WotLK. We have gotten as far as reaching 14** rating which earned us both the title: Challenger. Now that we’ve both faction changed to troll and bloodelf we’re starting to arena again after a season’s break.

Team Pro’s and Cons
Pro’s: A Warrior/Paladin team has a lot going for them. The biggest advantage they have is the fact that both characters wear Plate. Plate mitigates the most damage and therefore requires more damage output to get shut down. Usually an Arms warrior will walk around with about 14/15K armor in Furious/Relentless gear. A paladin will have even more due to the fact that they wear a shield.
Another big pro for the team is that Arms Warriors potentially have the biggest burst damage in Arena ingame at this very moment. They have very powerful attacks like Overpower (which is triggered on a tick from Rend or when the opponent dodges), Execute (always available below 20% health but also available after a crit due to talents), Mortal Strike which not only does massive damage but also applies a 50% healing reducement on the target and Bladestorm, probably one of the most hated abilities out there. Especially Bladestorm deals a lot of damage, but it’s also easy to avoid. Most skilled warriors will not use Bladestorm untill their opponent is about to die, or as opener when multiple people are standing together so they can do damage to all of them and force the healer to heal.
This team also has enormous survivability. Paladins can ofcourse bubble, but can also make themselves or their warrior partners very mobile. Warriors are essentially the most mobile melee there are at this moment, but Blessing of Freedom from a paladin helps them overcome many many obstacles.
Not to mention the fact that Paladins have the biggest mana pool ingame and are less likely to go oom soon and when they do they can activate Divine Plea and get all their mana back in no time. They can dispell diseases, magic and poison and can save their partners with Blessing of Protection or Hand of Sacrifice. Their heals are fast and cost hardly any mana and they can put up a shield without cooldown on their partners to protect them from incoming damage (Sacred Shield). Beacon of Light is a tool for them to heal both themselves and their partners and that makes them a very viable class in Arena.
Con’s: There are also some downsides to Warrior/Paladin teams. One of the major struggles of the team is opponents with lots of CC opportunity. You can literally chaincc a Warrior/Paladin team to death. Just chaincc 1 and nuke down the other. Warriors are very squishy without their healer so the strategy most CC teams use is CC the paladin and nuke the warrior as fast as they can.
Another weakness of the warrior/paladin team is spellcaster teams. Both classes are very fragile when it comes to spellcasters and most of the times mage/priest, mage/warlock, warlock/priest and any other combination of that will kill the Warrior/Paladin team. The reason I’m not mentioning Moonkin Druids and Elemental Shamans is because the first is hardly seen in Arena due to their squishyness and the latter’s damage is easy avoidable by a well timed spellreflect of  a warrior. It also helps that neither can steal mana from the paladin or dispell magic.
Something that is a Pro aswell as a Con in Warrior/Paladin teams that a lot depends on the gear and weapon of a warrior. Warriors have the hightest scaling when it comes to obtaining new gear and especially new weapons. Upgrading from a ilevel 232 weapon to an ilevel 251 weapon can mean 300-400 damage increase per white swing which doesn’t crit. These numbers are quite high, higher than any other class in game. This makes a warrior with a really good weapon a feared opponent, but also makes a warrior with a shitty weapon easier to kill and avoid damage from. For a paladin gear is much less of an issue than for a warrior seeing as they don’t do the majority of the damage in Arena.

Warrior/Paladin Behavior in Arena
A sidenote: I can only say this out of my own experience, please comment me on it if I say it wrong.
Warrior/Paladin teams rely heavily on the melee damage of the warrior. They will always try to be on their opponents ass and usually will drag the fight into the open where they can stay in eachothers line of sight. The best distance kept between them is the distance a warrior can still use Intervene on the paladin. This is needed to get out of tough situations like 2 melee pounding on the warrior or another warrior that is bladestorming.
Warriors/Paladins are best to fight close to eachother on a spot where there is no LoS and the warrior can pound while the paladin can still heal him. The only time they benefit from LoS is when they get a caster team and when they’re smart enough to kite them around. Separation is something a warrior/paladin team fears and so it’s best if they stick together so that they can get eachother out of trouble. Mostly they will go after the melee in a melee/caster team. If not it’s just pray on the weakest and drag it out into the open. Due to the mobility of the team it’s most likely that they can get into melee range quite easily and the only way to possibly avoid this is running around in circles around an obstacle kiting the warrior around. Some warriors will follow you till the ends of the earth, other’s will decide to stop chasing something they can’t catch and bash the other’s face in. When you’re in charge range of a Warrior be sure that you will get charged/rended and possible eaten alive. It’s hard to avoid but the warrior will take full advantage of his mobility and therefore he will less likely get into trouble when people run away from him.

All in all warrior/paladin teams are very very strong. But they can also very easily be countered by smart teams. It still stands that in the top 20 at Arenajunkies, there are atleast 7 or 8 warrior/paladin teams. That is how strong they are and that is why they should not be underestimated.


Posted March 22, 2010 by Kassandri in PvP, Theorycrafting

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