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Windsoar from Jaded Alt has her 6 months blogging anniversary (Big grats on that!) and has therefore offered the blogging community a muse, an inspiration for other blogs on stuff the other blogs were about. I found out through this from one of my most favorite blogs (The Lazy Sniper from Jaedia) and decided to ask for a muse for my blog. This is what I got!

/cast Muse

You’re a busy gal, tell us how you keep the balance between your real-life and in-game life :P

That I’m a really busy person is something that is indeed beyond a doubt. I study psychology at the University of Amsterdam and am required to show up there every day (which I don’t like, but meh, education you know!) for most of the year. I get lots of papers to write, am currently in the process of doing my own research. In a few weeks the practical part starts, for now we’re working through the theory and there’s also lots and lots and lots of exams.
My boyfriend doesn’t live near me, unfortunately, so I only get to see him on the weekends. It’s 2 hours of travel back and forth so basically my sunday nights are either spent travelling home, or waiting for my boyfriend to tell me he’s arrived home.
Another major part of my life outside WoW consists of my enormous family which I love (I think I have about 10 uncles/aunts and well lots and lots of kids there) and who I try to visit as often on birthdays and family days as I can. Ofcourse there are also friends who I still see outside of WoW and people from Uni I hang out with.

Most of the times I seriously can’t understand myself how and why I’m able to combine my WoW life with my IRL. On WoW I’m a person that is easily bored, and always lacks money. The max amount I usually carry around on 1 char is below 1k gold which makes me nervous when lots of new gear is incoming. I currently play 3 chars to the fullest and 1 as casual. My hunter is my raiding char who’s also starting to PvP now. My warrior is my PvP char with a love to bash faces in as Arms in Battlegrounds and show some lovely crit numbers on bosses in PvE. There’s also my paladin on which I tank and lately am gathering holy PvP gear because hey, let’s try something new!
I mostly play WoW during the evenings or late afternoons when I get home from school and have nothing else to do. Juggling around 3 chars is quite a task, but I’m managing it. At the moment I’m also really fond of my baby warlock in SAN, but due to her casual nature I play her least so that when I do play her I get to enjoy her.
Money making on WoW is something I’ve given up on due to not being able to play every hour of every day. In the weekends I usually play with my boyfriend, who is a gamer and WoW addict like me.

And I think that the last sentence there is the biggest reason I’m able to combine WoW with my IRL. My boyfriend plays it. If I need to talk to him, WoW is where I can find him. If I wouldn’t have had him, I would probably not be the hardcore raider I am on my hunter, or even able to enjoy the game as much as I do. I’ve brought some IRL friends into the game, which also makes it more attractive for me to come online and be online. Social contacts is what the game is also about and believe me when I say I have plenty of them. It also helps that my current guild has a great atmosphere and Vashj EU as a server isn’t too bad once you get settled in.

Also my attention span, or rather to say lack thereof defines my days. When I’m not able to concentrate on stuff I don’t do it. On WoW I can hang around all day in Dalaran, continuously tabbing out of the game while doing other stuff. Schoolwork doesn’t really keep my attention so sometimes I drift off to WoW to talk to some people or bash some faces in. And well after a while, when that gets boring, it’s back to the schoolwork again.

I know this above post is a bit weirdish and cluttery, but that is how my mind works. The biggest reasons I’m able to juggle WoW with IRL is the fact that I have my ADHD moments and that I have a social life in both worlds. If those two were to vanish, I’m not sure if I could juggle between 2 entire different worlds.

And Windsoar, thank you for being my muse! 😀


Posted March 21, 2010 by Kassandri in Randomness

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