When Things Go Wrong: Is Revenge Ever Justified?   1 comment

Lately next to having a great time raiding on WoW and playing around on some alts, some negative things have happened that changed my point of view about WoW and the people that play it.

A while ago we had a druid in the guild which was nice and all when he first joined. He seemed to know his class, was a good healer only had a really overdone aversion to “nourish” druids as he called them because in his eyes nourish was rubbish for raiding. We laughed a bit when he emoraged about the druids he encountered with that specc and all in all I had some fun with him. When some of the officers quitted he took up the officer job, but in hindsight this was a bad idea of him. He became arrogant, didn’t want to give people the chance to prove themselves as trial if they specced or gemmed wrong in his opinion and he did some stuff that was just unforgivable. After a while (I talked to him a lot) he let me know that he didn’t like Dice as a guild anymore and wanted to join his IRL friends on Earthen Ring. He mentioned it a couple of times and after a week or 2 he left, taking some gems with him from our guildbank and leaving someone in our guild with 10k gold less which he borrowed from her to get a chopper. The gold was paid back to her from his altchar, but it’s the suddenness off it all that threw a lot of people off.
After a week he realised that he made a mistake, Earthen Ring being an RP server and not what he was looking for, he tried to get back in Dice. We politely told him that we thought his attitude for leaving was wrong and that we rather not have him back in the guild due to the things he had done. He accepted it and moved on. Transferred back to the server and tried to apply to another guild. And that’s where the drama started. Someone from our guild thought it would be necessary to “warn” his friends in the particular guild he replied to, and while most people would do this in whispers to officers/GM’s, he made it known thru a post in the reply which was open for everyone to see. It made the other guy withdraw his apply and it made me quite angry. Even tho he might have fucked up when he was in our guild, it gives no one the right to destroy the game that he still loves to play. Everyone makes mistakes, some worse than others, and some mistakes need to be penalized. But there’s a line of where it’s acceptable to take revenge and if it is acceptable to what level.
In this case I think the  person in question who took “revenge ” on him by ruining his apply is wrong.

Another thing that happened to me for the first time was that I had a PuG from nightmares. My PuG’s are usually good and I run through a lot of dungeons without any problems. But last week I’ve had some Pit of Saron drama.
Me and my boyfriend queued for randoms as tank/healer combi and we got thrown into Pit of Saron with some people that queued specifically. There was a DK among them who desperatly wanted the weapon that dropped there. All started out well, but when I had to turn around to save my boyfriend’s ass from a mob that he accidentally pulled the DK thought it was ok to go on pulling without the rest of us. Needless to say he died, after which he blamed my boyfriend for ninjapulling. We ressed him and moved on, slightly annoyed. The next two mobs were doing fine, but after picking up a patrol the same DK thought it necessary to taunt (yes taunt) the mobs off me. He died again because I pointed out to my boyfriend that he taunted off me and it wasn’t an overaggro, therefore no heals were justified. Did he learn? No. We’ve spent the entire dungeon with him either taunting off me, or deathgripping off me, fully aware of what he was doing. It’s hard enough to keep aggro up on multiple targets, even as paladin tank. But someone who purposely keeps taunting mobs off you and whatnot is just annoying like hell. By the time we got to the last boss I was so pissed off that I wanted to vote kick him, however you can’t do that while in combat. So we defeated the last boss and guess what dropped? Yes the weapon. At this point I made a crucial decision to go against my morals and ninja the silly thing from him. He had been pissing me and my boyfriend off and I knew my boyfriend wanted a decent weapon for his retri offspecc. So I pressed need, won it with a 100 roll and vanished from the party. Afterwards I had some laughs, but I knew fully well that I took a weapon from someone that might have been farming it for a long long time and part of me felt extremely guilty.
In my eyes, at that time, that little bit of “revenge” was justified. But is it ever really? How ok is it to do something back to someone that basically pissed your whole party off the entire dungeon? Can you “punish” a complete stranger who doesn’t care about the people he goes dungeons with because hey… He’ll never see them again anyway?

These are some things that made me evaluate how far you can go in a game. WoW is popular due to it’s social aspect, it’s also the social aspect that gives trouble sometimes. And when there is trouble, is taking revenge ever justified?


Posted March 17, 2010 by Kassandri in Randomness

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  1. First point, the person in question who felt the need to sabotage the guy’s application was disgusting (is the word I’d use). The guy who left made a big mistake and pissed a lot of people off, but once he’d applied, been told that there was no chance. That’s all that’s needed. Pissing over his chances of getting in another guild is ridiculous and I’ve said to Dan that he needs to grow up.

    Second point, I’d have Vote Kicked him. That’s awful behaviour for a DPS. Bring on next patch when you can Vote Kicked instantly!

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