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A few weeks ago I was having major doubts about the future of the Alliance side of the server I play on (Vashj – EU). All top guilds have left except for one and you just notice a lot that if you’re not in that one guild, you hardly get to see any cool stuff.
One of the characters that I still loved to play, and still love to play if I might add, is my warrior. She was my first character on my own account and she was a female human. I loved her to death, but it was soon clear that she had no future on the Alliance side. She was my main pvp char, having done Arena on lvl 70 with my boyfriend as warrior/holy paladin combination, and on lvl 80 again and again as warrior/holy paladin. She managed to kick it to Challenger, but just as she was rising to her top, the healer she teamed up with left and well, the boyfriend was a good healer but very much undergeared. And there she was, guildless, teammateless and well on the side of a server that was dead, never got Wintergrasp and was kinda inferior in Battlegrounds.
Not only was she my main PvP char, she was also my little achievement whore. This is the char I did Loremaster on, where I have almost 90 vanity pets on and where I have 70 mounts on and 27 reputations on Exalted. So I have spent a considerable amount of time on this little one. Time that I didn’t want to go to waste.

So after a long period of decisionmaking, I decided to reroll horde and make her a Troll warrior. My mind was set on making her a Troll due to the fact I’m not really charmed by either Taurens or Orcs. I had my doubts about an Undead, but the only reason I would go for an Undead was the racial (Forsaken Will), while a Troll is a race I don’t mind looking at. So the decision was made, the money was paid and then she popped up, ready to be converted in to the Horde char I wanted her to be.

Now she is Sassiej the Troll Warrior. I’m getting settled on her, used to her animations and how she looks like. I think I did a good job on her. She’s gearing up nice and steady, PvE gear wise (I get to see raids now!) and PvP gear wise. My boyfriend in turn converted his paladin from a Human to a Bloodelf, something he had wanted to do for ages, and now did when I decided to roll my warrior Horde. They’re a pair again, the same pair they were back in TBC, arenaing their way up the PvP ladder. We even made an arena team, and the fingers are itching to play again.

All in all I am happy with my faction change. However, where my hunter feels like she finally found her identity (she feels more.. natural as bloodelf) I will always have in the back of my mind that my warrior is a Human. And that one day, when server allows it, she will probably be going back to being a Human. When that day will come, I don’t know. For now I’m happy being a horde, and slaughtering Alliance in the name of obtaining Honorable Kills.


Posted March 11, 2010 by Kassandri in Randomness

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