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After bumping into a very angered cleaner on my way up to the Computer Room (the elevator is broken and he was cleaning te stairs, stairs where everyone was running up to šŸ˜› Go figure!) and smelling a nauseating peach scent coming out of the girls toilet (don’t ask me why, they like to clean the toilets here with something that smells ricidulously much like peach flavoured candy) I finally sat myself before a computerscreen. Then I had to wait for the computer to actually start up (people, the screen says LOG OFF after you finish, not SHUT DOWN *grumbles*) which took a while, cuz uni computers are bad. Now I can finally post šŸ˜€ So let’s start with my week.

Raiding has been awesome the past week. Not only am I know in a fixed ICC 10 man (somethingĀ I wasn’t for a long, LONG time) we actually made a lot of progress the past week in ICC 25 man. Our first Varlithia Dreamwalker kill/heal? was accomplished (gogo Dice!) and we managed to get Blood Queen down to 3%. We figured out what went wrong on the Blood Queen tries (no sunders!) and that we could do with 5 healers instead of 6, so we’re hoping to down her tonight or tomorrow, when the server isn’t fucking up and permits us to actually fight against her instead of lag. I took with me some nice new gear, including shoulder and my t10 head (which btw is ugly as hell, hunter’s are worse off with their tier than usual) and I got the Primordial Saronites I needed to make my boots. So I’m a happy hunter.

Leveling is still going on, I’ve decided to pay attention to my mage in the weekends more often, and she is now level 74 and working her way through the Dragonblight zone. Queueing for random dungeons has actually helped a lot with her progress, seeing as I’m getting tired of the quests that I’ve done over and over and over. I think my mage will hit 80 by the end of march, but I hope sooner ofcourse. It all kind of depends on how much time I have to actually play her. Anyway she is still my little baby gnome, and I’m still stunned with the damage she does. 5k arcane blast crits on level 74 are a indicator I really need to watch out for the damage I will be doing on level 80! On professions I decided to give her Enchanting and Herbing, since I don’t have a herber on the Alliance side anymore and I don’t have a really high level enchanter.

What I did the most this week is something I thought I’d never do. I faction changed my dear sweet human warrior. I’ll do a seperate post on her when I get home. But so far I really like her as a Troll (yes, she’s a troll, I hate orcs and taurens alike and I’m not rolling undead just cause of Will of the Forsaken) and I feel like I can do more that I want on her now. She still is my little baby char and when I like her enough, I might even roll back to her in Cataclysm, however that’s still so far off that I can’t really say anything about that. Also I’ve been making a lot of money on AH by selling Frozen Orbs, Titanium Ore, Eternal Belt Buckles and Heavy Borean Armor Kits. All the money is gone now tho, seeing as I got some new gear that had to be socketed and enchanted. Luckily my boyfriend was nice enough to help me out and he socketed and enchanted the new boots on my hunter for me.

I haven’t really done much about Achievements this week altho I’m still working away at becoming Elder Pieces. My warrior earned the Looking for Multitudes achievement and 25 reputations on Exalted, including the Ogri’la and Aldor reps I farmed last week. Overall I’ve had some fun on WoW this week, and feel like playing some more again, if school will let me ofcourse.

This week I would like to Refer to the WTB: World of Warcraft blog. The author of this blog participated in my Shared Topic. She would be a Warlock if she were to start over again with WoW.


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