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So today I had an exam which was VERY early this morning. I completed my questions in half an hour and took the subway home. I kinda felt bummed to come such a long way through the cold (yes it’s cold here) and complete everything within 30 minutes. However this gave me some time to chat up with some people in the guild, seeing as I could actually go home now instead of staying at school and using the school computers.

Raidingwise it has been a calm week for me. Due to lots of schoolwork (2 papers, internet assignment and the exam from this morning) I had to cancel almost all raids on my hunter. Kinda bumming but hey, school still beats WoW when it comes to setting priorities. The only raid I did do this week was fridaynight on my paladin. My boyfriend has started up a little 10 man on friday, for alts of the guild that he’s in and where I’m invited to join on my pala to tank as well. It was a bit of a couples raid (3 couples haha) and actually it went quite well. We downed ICC’s first wing without any problems and had some nice tries on Dreamwalker, a boss we really wanted to do. It was fun and casual and it made me feel happy.

Leveling was an activity I could finally do again, my mage is now level 73 and after rediscovering her spells and abilities again (some things were a bit vague for me after not playing her for a while) I got into leveling again. I even joined a succesful random dungeon group to Azjol’Nerub which gave me a new belt and some quest rewards I could sell for monies. As my school is getting less stressful I hope to be able to level my mage a bit more and finally ding 80.

Achievements were something my attention was and still is focused on at the moment. I want the Violet Proto Drake on my hunter, she will be my 3rd char to acquire it, and last week Fool for Love ended and the Lunar Festival started. After struggling I managed to get the Fool for Love achievement on sunday, gathering bracelets really sucked, and I made a start on gathering Elders for the Lunar festival. One downside to the silly Lunar festival is the fact that your mailbox gets spammed with mail from Elders. I don’t even open the silly red envelopes anymore but just insta delete it. It’s junk and I just want to get rid of it.

Most of my time was spended on PvP the past week and weekend. I’m trying to do the BG daily everyday to gather arenapoints for my warrior and honor ofcourse and am now also PvPing on my hunter a lot. Even tho it takes getting used to (I always played Melee PvP), my hunter turns out to be a real killing machine and currently I’m on 4k honorable kills, shooting my way through varios battlegrounds.

As a closer I would like to introduce you to a lovely blog I found through Blog Azeroth. It’s a mage blog which I really love to read, the layout is very pretty and it teaches me stuff as upcoming mage!
It makes me laugh and think over stuff as a starting mage, I really recommend reading it!


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