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I started this as a shared topic on Blog Azeroth and am going to kick it off with what I would do if I got the chance to start all over again in WoW. No other chars, no money, no leveling gear nothing. Just you and your new character.

If I could start over… I would certainly pick an Alliance char. I’ve always felt more comfortable playing Alliance, I like the way how the characters look compared to the Horde. On your loading screen all Alliance chars are accompanied by happy scenes whereas Horde Characters stand on a pile of skulls. My gut tells me that I’m an Alliance player in every way, so I’d defo pick Alliance.
To specify further I would pick a Night Elf. Why? Because I love the lore, even if it’s only a little bit that you can see when picking a Nightelf. I would also fall in love with the idea of a nightelf. In all honesty, Draenei’s look weird, Humans are too common (I don’t want to be something that I also am IRL!), Dwarves creep me out, don’t ask me why, they just do and Gnomes are like kids.. And I don’t wanna play a kid! So the only viable option that is left is a Nightelf, which I really don’t mind, they look awesome and their background is just too cool.
Now that I narrowed down to a Nightelf, I need to pick a class. I have a personal favorite, that being the Rogue class. The way a Rogue works fascinates me. I like the Assasin like nature of them, the creeping to the shadows and surprising people by suddenly appearing. They’re swift and agile and lead a double life. I could be your next door neighbour during the the day but also murder your loved ones at night. A double life, something that get’s me thrilled. And say for yourself, what is more awesome than seeing a rogue riding off into the sunset on a pitchblack tiger?

My rogue’s name would be Leryssa, and she would look a little something like this. Hair in a ponytail so it won’t mess up her sight and 2 daggers at the ready to give someone a lethal blow. I already know what my plans for her are. She is going to conquer the world of PvP. In my opinion a rogue is made for PvP. The moving through the dark to get close to your opponent and strike them down with no mercy is something that makes a rogue a rogue! True you can do that in PvE, but in PvE the bosses usually don’t fight back… Well not like the players. And as rogue you can escape people so fast, hide in the shadows again to prepare for a new ambush on the innocent that you are trying to slaughter. The professions that accompany this goal are mining and engineering. Tinkering with stuff is something I believe every assasin to do. How to optimize your weapons by adding scopes and making your clothing more lethal by adding widgets. All stuff that helps you be a better assasin and in turn a better rogue.

So bascially that was it. If I could start over, I would pick a Nightelf Rogue named Leryssa who sets off to conquer the world that is called PvP.


Posted February 18, 2010 by Kassandri in Randomness

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