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After getting used to my new schedule I found the time to play WoW and in turn now to blog again. Seeing as I have a 2,5 hour break on monday inbetween classes I’m scheduling a weekly update of what I’ve accomplished the past week achievement wise on some of my chars, how the raiding has been the past week, and ofcourse how my mage is doing.

Today let’s start out with some Achievements!
On my hunter I’m steadily working my way through “Love is in the Air” and as of today through “The Lunar Festival”. After picking up some PvP gear (gogo wrathful legs!) from the new VoA boss I went to do some Alterac Valley because it was the daily. To my surprise I actually got the Alterac Vally Blitz, meaning to win AV in less than 6 minutes. I, as an oldschool tbc player, was kind of caught off guard when I got that achievment. I went in to maybe get Alterac Valley All Star and was taken by surprise that apparently the new AV tactic is just to rush to the last boss and kill it asap. On the one side this tactic is OK,but on the other side it means a huge honor loss. Do you know how much honor killing the vice captain (Belinda for the Horde, Galv for the Alliance) and the towers give you? Tbh, fast AV’s are good but is it worth the loss of honor? I think not. Some other achievements I earned were some Strand of the Ancients achievements and “Looking for Multitudes” 😀 Which adds Perky Pug to my pet collection on the hunter.
On my warrior I also did the new VoA boss (gogo being able to link the achievment for future raids) and am steadily working away to get some new PvE and PvP gear. Bought the Relentless ring. And got myself a permanent Peddlefeet from Love is in the Air. Always love getting pets, and this one (even tho it’s ugly) is my 90th on my warrior :D.

Next stop: Raiding
After a tumultuous time (is that spelled correctly?), our guild is finally stabilizing again. We’ve hopefully solved the recent tank problems arising (people left) and our healer team is becoming more stable by the day (also some people left). After a nice chat with one of our officers, following the drama from the past week (yes the people that left also made some drama) I heard that I’m actually quite wanted in raids. Apparently I’m doing something right on my hunter :D, altho I do theorycraft a bit and try to keep informed about best speccs and stuff, I prefer to go my own way. I’m probably one of the few high end hunter’s that is still specced for Arcane Shot, got Imp Hunter’s Mark, Trueshot Aura, and annihilated Improved Steady Shot (GO AWAY YOU NASTY LOW PROCRATE!). And still manages to be about 150 points over hitcap. Yes I have a lot of hit on my gear, No I don’t intend to have a lot of hit on my gear. Also I’m gemmed full Agility, which means that if I would ever apply to a guild they would go berserk over me trying not to go for Armor Pen. hardcap.
To be honest, I don’t care really. I do my raids, I even manage to be top dps on ranged friendly fights (gogo doing 9k on blood queen!) and I’m having fun while doing it. Just hoping that this guild will continue to raid for a LONG time, because it’s probably one of the best guilds I’ve been in so far.

Now the last bit Leveling the Mage
Due to the fact that I can hardly play WoW nowadays, my priorities have shifted a bit which resulted in me not playing my mage too often. At the moment she is stuck on level 72, with about 6 bars till level 73. Altho I do enjoy playing her, the leveling is just getting at my nerves and I wish there was some way to just instantly get 80. Unfortunately there isn’t of course. But yeah, she’s on a bit of a hold at the moment and I don’t see her dinging 80 any time soon. However, leveling as Arcane is something that I do really enjoy. The damage is amazing, and even tho I lack haste I still manage to kill most mobs with 2 or 3 spells. Do love this specc, just hoping the nerfbat won’t hit it too hard in the future!

So from now on, I will have a Monday post up, describing what I’ve been doing the past week (globally) and starting next week what I’m hoping to accomplish the coming week. I hope to be able to get some other posts up during the week. But the Monday post is going to be permanent.

See you all later! Back to school.


Posted February 15, 2010 by Kassandri in Achievements, Randomness

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