Help! I’m being ganked!   1 comment

The Problem
Everyone experiences it some time while leveling on a PvP server. Being ganked by a member of the opposing  faction. They’re either of the same level range as you, or way higher. When they are the same level as you, you can work your way around it. Can you take revenge when they are letting their guard down? Do it. If you don’t want to, try to get as far away as possible from that person, he or she probably ganks you because you are after the same quest or because he or she just finds it amusing to gank you. The real problem arises when you are getting ganked by a player that is a level that is way higher than you are and apparently has business in the area that you are questing in. A few minutes ago my mage, who is level 56, got ganked by a level 80 tauren shaman in Felwood. I needed to kill furbolgs for my quests, he needed to kill them to gain exalted reputation with Timbermaw Hold. As lvl 56 you won’t stand a chance versus a lvl 80 player.

The Solution nr 1: Get your own 80 char out.
A simple solution to get rid of the level 80 that is killing you in your quest area is getting your own level 80 char out. I did the exact thing, and picked my warrior. Why? My warrior is full pvp geared, and has useful macro’s to counter casters. I finished of the shaman with only grabbing damage from his flame shock. A smart strategy is to park your 80 char close to your leveling toon and keep it there if the problem returns. A quick relog and you will be able to take your revenge. Do it often enough and they will give up. I mean, no one likes a 5 minute ress timer right?

The Solution nr 2: Go to another area.
This is the solution for people who are leveling their first char. Unfortunately you can’t do much about being ganked on a lowbie if you don’t have the resources to deal with it. The only solution then is to go to another area to level. Being killed over and over again by the same player is not fun and will only make your leveling experience sad and longer.

The Solution nr 3: Ask a friend to help.
This only goes for if you have friends on the server you are playing on, and if they have 80 chars. Just ask them for help. If you only have quests in the area that you are being ganked just ask them to act as your bodyguard for a bit untill you have finished your quests. You might get less experience if they are with you in your group, but atleast your questing will be done quicker and safer if they are around to protect you.

The Conclusion
Ganking will happen everywhere and all the time. If you feel the need to take revenge on those that gank you, by all means do it. If you are no the type to do that, try questing in another area. You ultimately control your own actions, and not that of other players. And if you really dislike being ganked, don’t go to a PvP server 😉


Posted January 30, 2010 by Kassandri in Leveling, Mage, PvP

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  1. Not everybody chooses to be on a PvP server, but once they’re there, they make friends, get settled in, then find they can’t bring themselves to leave their friends.

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