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My mage hit level 40 halfway January and after that I kind of had more important things to do than leveling her, so I put it off untill schoolwork was done. I’ve leveled her casually and today she’s atleast level 51.

The moment I dinged 40 I finished up all my quests in Dustwallow Marsh, due to obvious ganking reasons in Stranglethorn Vale I decided to do the largest chunk from 30 to 40 in Dustwallow Marsh, and I headed out to Gadgetzan. For some reason that’s been a tradition of mine, when I ding 40, I head out to Gadgetzan to start picking up quests there. Have done it on all my chars, and doing the same on my mage.

The reason why Gadgetzan (and Tanaris for that matter) is an excellent point to go to at 40 is the amount of “easy to do” quests there. In Gadgetzan you pick up quests to kill the Wastewander crew and gather the water pouches they drop. You can pick up all other qeusts, but make sure you do the Wastewander quests first. After Gadgetzan move to Steemwheadle Port and pick up all quests that have to do with the pirates. When you’ve grinded your way through the Wastewander and Pirate quests, make sure to pick up the follow up to Wastewanders too, you should atleast have dinged 1 level and maybe even 2. After that pick up all Zul’Farrak quests you can find in Gadgetzan and the Shimmering Flats in 1000 Needles. When you leveled in Dustwallow before you should also have a quest from Tabetha that requires you to go into Zul’Farrak. If you don’t have that, pick it up. All in all you should have about 6 quests for Zul’Farrak and then it’s time to queue. When the queue is taking long, don’t worry. Do the Dunemaul Ogre quest or the Insect kill quests if they are available to you. When you do get into Zul’Farrak you should be able to get a decent amount of experience from the dungeon itself. If you do all quests it will probably give you another level together with the Zul’Farrak run. When you only have orange/red quests in Tanaris it’s time to move to another area.

Another excellent area in the bracket 40-50 is the Hinterlands. When you arrive here talk to the draenei who gives you 3 quests. Make sure you do atleast the wolves one and the killing of the troll and his spider. When you enter the keep you will get two additional quests. Do them both. You can choose for yourself whether to do the chainquest that starts from the Draenei (Featherbeard quest). I would recommend doing it because it is some nice experience. After that stop in the Hinterlands. The Sharpbeak questline is a very fun questline to do, but with the new level gear a waste of time because it simply keeps you too long in Hinterlands.

By the time you’ve done the quests I mentioned in Tanaris and Hinterlands you should have reached level 44 or 45. This could depend on whether or not you’re using leveling gear. When you have hit 45 you can go back to Gadgetzan and see what quests have turned yellow for you and do them. At 46 it’s time to move on to another area: Searing Gorge. There’s a lot of easy to do quests there and by the time you’ve done them all you should have reached level 50 or be very close. If you don’t know how to get to Searing Gorge, there is a little path in the far west of Blasted Lands. When you reach Searing Gorge move to the northwestern part of the area and look for a path up the mountains. There will be a little encampment of the Thorium Brotherhood. They offer you about 7 or 8 quests. Pick them all up. Move back down and start killing spiders and all other things you need to kill. Near the Thorium Brotherhood encampment there are 2 men standing in what seems a random place. 1 of them offers a quest, take it and finish the whole line. It combines well with the Thorium Brotherhood quests. The quests of the Thorium Brotherhood that take place in the Slag Pit can be reached quite easily. The entrance to get the plans and kill the overseer is just below a little elevator. The entrance that’s closest to the dinosaurs you have to kill is the most right little cave in the Cauldron. To get in there you have to jump down from the ledge. Due to the exp you get from the quests and the amount of mobs you need to kill you should be able to ding 50 from the quests there. If you’re not, don’t worry. There are some quests in Tanaris that require lvl 48 to do (killing the elementals for example). If you haven’t done those yet, now is a good time to do them. If you’re still not 50 by then I recommend queueing for a dungeon and ding 50 from that.

If you did ding 50 after the quests from Searing gorge: GZ! Now it’s time to go to new areas, get your class quests and prepare for the long way from 50 to 58. Which areas you should consider from 50 to 58 will be discussed in part 2 of the 40-60 leveling bracket! So stay tuned for more blogging :>


Posted January 27, 2010 by Kassandri in Leveling, Mage

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