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So today I finally got my Loremaster achievement on my warrior. It’s been a long trip which I really enjoyed doing. Yes I’m a Lore addict, and was actually relieved and sad at the same time when I saw the achievement coming up. To be honest I did the achievement without touching either a DM quest, or the AQ chain. I actually feel kind of disappointed by that, seeing as I can honestly say that I’ve never ever been to DM. The only part of it I saw was helping a paladin get his epic riding mount back in the day and chasing an imp in the another wing to get my Keymaster achievement done. Other than that I’m totally clueless about DM and the lore behind it. Maybe I’ll dig into it when I pursue the Exalted or the Insane. Or just when I feel like it.

Now that I’m done with Loremaster I look back on an awesome adventure. I’ve killed Murlocs here and there, slain the accidental Gnoll, took candles from Kobolds and rid the world of corrupted Furbolg. There are so many different areas with so many different ideas behind them. I’ve fought the corruption of the land in Darkshore and Ashenvale. Saw the Venture Co. wreck Stonetalon and parts of Stranglethorn Vale. I’ve seen the curse of Darkshire, their worgen and the Scythe of Elune that brought them there. The same worgen that were always hidden behind a wall at the southern edge of Silverpine Forest and are going to be playable in Cataclysm. I’ve wandered in the Badlands and Desolace, wondering what I did there because for Alliance there isn’t much to do there at all. The most awesome Lore I encountered was in Western and Eastern Plaguelands. It shows the history of the scourge, and has the epic Stratholme and Scholomance dungeons. It also has the Tirion Fordring questchain to free his son from the Scarlets. After which he becomes Highlord Tirion Fordring, restoring the order of the Silver Hand. There’s also been areas where I wondered why they were there. Uldum in southern Tanaris for instance. A massive dwarven castle which is guarded by Stone Giants but where you can’t do anything. The same goes for Grim Batol in Wetlands. Guarded by the Red Dragonflight, but unknown what is going on in there. I do know the Lore behind Grim Batol, but you can’t do anything there. One of the most intriguing places was Azshara, but I will do a seperate blog about that. One of the biggest mysteries there for me is Timbermaw Hold. A dwarven like structure, guarded by the furbolgs of Timbermaw. You can’t do anything there, but it’s supposed to be the entrance to Mount Hyjal.

Some areas excited me a lot. I’ve always loved Stranglethorn Vale because I love the fact that it’s a jungle. Blasted Lands on it’s own wasn’t interesting for me, but the questchain from the Fallen Hero of the Horde starts there, and it tells the history about Blasted Lands which I found very intriguing. I’ve discovered quests that I didn’t even know existed in Swamp of Sorrows and Burning Steppes. I’ve seen the devastation of Blackrock Mountain and I’ve helped the Alliance settlement in Dustwallow Marsh. Another imposing area was the Barrens. It’s so big, and there’s hardly any quests there for the Alliance, apart from Ratchet and some dungeon quests. I even found 2 random quests in Durotar, given by a goblin. I really hated Felwood tho. It made me sad, like Eastern Plaguelands, because the corruption and destruction of the land shows itself the most in those places. Winterspring I liked, even tho the quests there are limited and I still haven’t figured out why there is a whole area with Burning Legion dudes in the south… I just loved the tranquil snowy area of the place.

All in all Loremaster has been a long journey for me. It made me look up Lore to certain places, made me discover quests on places I’ve never been before or didn’t know they were there and it gave me some awesome fun items (Skull of Impending Doom, Barov’s Peasant Caller). It’s a journey I enjoyed doing, and one I will enjoy (hopefully) again on my hunter.


Posted January 23, 2010 by Kassandri in Achievements, Randomness

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