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Tonight I thought: Hell I’m bored, let’s do a dungeon on my mage! Since dungeons give me a reasonable amount of XP, and the shiny shiny itembag, it’s worth doing them. Plus it shows people the “old” lore, I’ve seen enough that don’t know their way around in most (I’m lucky that in most cases I do) and that are actually quite impressed, or annoyed, with the dungeons that blizzard designed way back when.

At this point in time, my mage being level 43, the only available instance to me, according to Blizzard, is Maraudon. The orange crystal path. And in all honesty, Maraudon sucks. Especially because the mobs/bosses are lvl 44-46 and you get thrown in at lvl 41. Miss is a word I commonly see when I’m in Maraudon. Tonight I had another Maraudon pug, with again, people that were hopelessly lost. We had a tank warrior that could keep decent threat but tended to overpull, a dps warrior that only wanted to mine his mithril instead of dps, a dps paladin that I can’t really find anything to complain about besides the fact that he was hopelessly lost when we wiped and a healer that at first was half AFK but later on decided to turn his attention to WoW and heal the tank properly. Due to the fact that the tank loved to overpull I was forced to Blizzard and in turn Iceblock a lot.

It went fairly well up untill the first boss, which we actually oneshotted. After that it was a small corridor to the last boss with lots of little flowers. And with lots, I mean lots. I think at one point we had pulled 3 packs of them and a wandering patrol of 2 dryads. I blizzarded as much as I could, keeping mana shield up for when I would pull aggro, believe me I did, and it went reasonably well with only 1 casualty: the dps warrior. Not that he did dps, but still. After that we only had the last boss to go. I waited till the warrior had decent aggro and then went all out, popped my Arcane Power, Presence of Mind, the whole thing. Too bad that a lot of my spells were still missing, but he went down and even dropped me some nice new boots 😀


Posted January 18, 2010 by Kassandri in Mage

2 responses to “Pugs In Maraudon

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  1. Oh god that corridor was awful. From lvl 42 to 45 i mostly got that instance and would always pull aggro if I used blizzard in that corridor. And I had to use blizzard as every tank insisted on charging all the way up and gathering up the mobs exactly like you described.

    The other annoying thing about mauradon was the pipe thing that poo’d out slugs just before the first boss. I’m not sure if it was bugged or if we were doing it wrong, but slugs kept coming no matter how many people turned the thing off nor how fast we ran past it.

  2. Yeah, the slime pipe is bugged indeed. It keeps spewing slime, work around it I guess.

    Maraudon, the dungeon from hell o.O

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