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Today and yesterday I was bored. Couldn’t figure out what to do at all. I didn’t feel like leveling my mage, and due to some schoolstuff I couldn’t raid on my hunter. So I was bored. First I thought, let’s do some achievements! Then I was struggling on what char to do them. Finally I decided to go heroic on my paladin, because my boyfriend HAD to gear his Deathknight up.

The first heroic that popped up was Azjol-Nerub. The Oomkin druid asked to do the achievement for the first boss there, and I was in conflict with myself. Seeing as I am a paladin tank, the AoE wouldn’t be a problem from my part, however I didn’t really trust the healer, he was a holy priest, and so at first I said no. The whole party wanted to try it so, outnumbered, I gave in and rushed to the boss, popping all the defensive cooldowns I could come up with at that time. And, believe it or not, we downed the silly boss, getting the achievement before dropping dead. So Cheers for us! After releasing and running back in, I asked if we could do the achievement for the second boss, seeing as I still needed that, and so did the Oomkin (that turned out later lol). Everyone agreed and once again I rushed in to pick the boss up, not having a clue what I was supposed to do. After struggling for a few minutes, the boss kept healing himself to full, the mage suggested I’d kite him and see what happens. So I did, and we killed him, earning me my second achievement of the day :> I was happy. It got me 2 achievements, and now I’m a little step closer to my lovely red proto drake 😀

After doing some more dungeons, while not doing achievements in them, I decided to go pick some herbs as I saw that my Northrend Alchemy Research came off cooldown on my paladin. I traveled around to pick Talandra’s Rose in Zul’Drak, flew to Dragonblight/Borean Tundra to pick up some Goldclover and ended my search in Sholazar Basin where I encountered some heavily geared Alliance players (I ran :<) but eventually found some unpicked Adder’s Tongue after flying over Sholazar Basin about 3 times. Doing the Northrend Alchemy Research basically gave me an mp5 elixir (yeah like anyone is gonna use that, not) and some Flasks of Stoneblood which I put up on AH to sell. I’m still making some decent profit on them, so hey why not?

After getting a “call” from the Alliance side of the server, they claimed I was boring by spending days on end on my Horde characters, I decided to relog on my warrior and see what they wanted from me. My warrior is my achievement char, but unfortunately my friends are still in the process of gearing up, so I don’t dare to do Glory of the Hero with them. Plus, playing a paladin tank all the time has made me lazy and easygoing. So lazy that when I attempted to do a heroic with my best friend I failed harshly. A warrior tank doesn’t have the AoE abilities a paladin has. I kept looking for my consecration, which obviously wasn’t there, and my Avenging Shield before realising I had to do with Thunderclaps, Shockwaves and LoS pulling. Something I wasn’t used to anymore at all. And the fact that I got dragged into Halls Of Stone heroic (gotta love the event as warrior tank -.-) made me decide to respecc my warrior back to the fury warrior she was in TBC. I asked my boyfriend about some stuff (Cleave apparently is the new thing to use on packs) and started doing heroics again. My gear is horrid (everything is still from Naxx and some parts from Ulduar) but I enjoyed myself. I think I’ll keep her fury for a while and see how things are going to work out. Also I quickly did an easy Achievement on her, which granted me 10 points… Only 2.7k to go till “It’s over 9000!”


Posted January 18, 2010 by Kassandri in Achievements, Randomness

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