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Today I started with my big project to learn how to make money, fast, through the AH system. The last time that I made a lot of money on the AH was back in TBC where I mined a lot on my warrior and put stacks of Fel Iron and Adamantite Bar up for back then about 50/60 gold a stack. I’d spent the whole day mining untill my bag was filled with bars and then set off to sell everything I had. I made decent money that way, hoping to not be undercut, but I was lazy so it never really was a true goldmine. Back then I also had Jewelcrafting on my priest, but I was too lazy to cut gems and put them on the AH, especially after Sunwell came out and gems of blue quality were lower than ever (kind of what happened in WotLK when the epic gems came out). Other than that I’d do my daily’s and get money from them, and seeing that I wasn’t able to raid that often (either no spots or when I had my old pc, constant screenfreezes and pc crashes) I could walk around with little money and still do what I wanted to do.

At the start of WotLK I mostly made my money by mining on my warrior, prospecting the ores on my priest, cutting gems of the blue ones and putting them up on AH. Untill epic quality gems came out, that kinda earned my living, so to speak. When Epic quality gems came out, I kinda stopped doing that and switched to doing daily’s to make money. On my warrior I was working my way to Exalted with SoH and was doing the Argent Tournament quests. On my priest I dailied whenever I felt like it, and at the time my hunter dinged 80 also and I dailied on here also when I felt like it. After a while I started to do more daily’s on my hunter than on my other chars due to the fact that I was able to do them faster on her. All that time I hardly tried to sell anything on AH. I wasn’t focused on farming and selling, and was happy to make about 200G a day by doing daily’s that took me half an hour. That way I grinded the epic fly for my priest who, at that time, was still my main and eventually for my hunter who I wanted to gear up as soon as possible because I desperately wanted to reroll to her. Most days I would do my daily’s on 1 char making about 250 gold on average, other days I didn’t really find the time so the average wealth of my characters was low.

But right now I’ve got my mind set on making money more than ever. I want to get my mage a little starting money for when she dings 80 and I don’t want to run around with about 100G on my hunter all the time. And to be honest, doing daily’s everyday just gets boring after a while so you start doing them less and less untill you’re not doing them at all anymore. So I decided to give the AH a second try and see what happened if I would put some stuff on it. I went out on my warrior, farmed quite a lot of saronite (and even ran into some titanium yay), sent the gems that came from the varios nodes to my priest and started smelting after checking what price was higher on the AH, bars or ores. I had enough titanium to make a Titansteel Bar which I knew would always sell, made some Eternal Belt Buckles (huzzah to being a blacksmith) and found some Eternal Airs which were lying around on my bank for ages and put all of that on the Auction House. After that I relogged to my priest, asked my boyfriend to transmute a gem and put that up also with one I still had from way back when. And then the wait began. To my surprise the first Belt Buckle and Eternals sold incredibly fast, and ofcourse so did the Titansteel, the second Belt Buckle is still unsold. On my priest one of the gems sold, but alas the other one was undercut. All in all I’m on a score of 350G profit on my alliance chars which is going to be donated to my mage.

On the Horde side I set out on my paladin to grab some herbs but was unfortunate to see I wasn’t the only one, so grabbed what I could and was lucky enough to encounter a Frost Lotus… After debating with myself for a while if I’d continue to fly around or just make 2 flasks and see what happened I decided to make the flasks. I flew back to Dalaran, made the flasks (yay skillup!) and put them on AH. They sold within 10 minutes and earned me 60G. It might not be as much as on the Alliance side (less attractive professions here, no one wants to buy leather :<) but at least it’sa start!

All in all I’m actually very proud of myself that I can still make money through the AH, even if it’s not thousands of golds, atleast I’m making a start.


Posted January 16, 2010 by Kassandri in Randomness

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