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After having a good raid in ICC yesterday, we killed upto Putricide in less than 2 hours, today is a slow day. After we’ve had some changes in the guildsituation we are lacking a tank… Quite much. And seeing as we are also low on healers it’s always looking to see if people actually show up. Which they don’t all the time. Today was one of those days where there was only 1 tank and about 3 healers online. You can’t make a 25 man raid with that, you can try tho but than one has to pug. And for progress, you don’t want to pug.

The problem is that raiding usually takes place in the evenings. Which is understandable, because people have school and work during the day so there is no other time where you can get 25 people bunched up to kill a boss. However, when it’s 19.30 server time, it’s not 19.30 everywhere. The English live an hour back and some people live an hour forward, or even more than an hour. This can cause problems to attending the raid in time. Take for instance someone who has a 9 to 5 job. If you live on the same time as server time and assuming you get home by 17.30, you have 2 hours to eat and do your stuff before you go to raid. However if you live in england, and you come home by 17.30 you will only have 1 hour to eat and do stuff before the raid starts. Because 19.30 server time, is 18.30 english time. It can happen that you’re stuck in traffic and come home later, say at 18.00. If you live on your own and have to cook dinner you are never done by 18.30, which causes your attendancy to drop. And if multiple people have the same problem this causes no raid.

The question is, should raidtimes be adapted to the proper times for the majority of the guild, or rather just pick a time and stick to it (in most cases it’s inbetween 19.15 and 19.30). I’m for the last option because even if raidtimes work for the majority of the guild, there will always be some people who cannot raid because of that and that in turn leads to not being there and probably to no raid at all.

The problem remains, and there’s no real solution for it I guess. For now I’m one of the people that has to hurry to get to raid in time. I can’t do that every night, but so be it. The only advantage I have is that being a DPS finds you a replacement easier than being either a tank or a healer. Because I’d rather see a run with progress where I’m not in, than no run at all.


Posted January 14, 2010 by Kassandri in Randomness

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