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As I was leveling my mage in Stranglethorn Vale today, and yes I love STV even tho the ganking is horrid, something hit me. On my other characters I liked to zoom in a bit and look at the world in first person view, or close to first person view, you see the gear better that way and even spell details go up. However on a gnome that is nigh impossible. The only reason, you are just TOO DAMN SMALL.

I mean, I am small in real life. I have to look up to most persons, but atleast I’m not at kneehight and that’s what’s the problem with a gnome. You’re at kneehight. When you stand infront of any person and you zoom in, it looks a little like this. And this is not how you want to look at the world while leveling. And well on this picture I’m just standing infront of the mage trainer so I’m not getting attacked, but imagine a gnome versus an elite in say Dragonblight. You don’t even see their knees… You’re at toeheight then. Not to mention most raidbosses. I think the most funny thing I’ll ever see is a gnome zoomed in max on Supremus. To be honest, you can’t see anything then.

So while leveling a gnome it’s wise to zoom out a lot. Because for some reason it feels that if you zoom in and are a bit more zoomed in than usual but not enough to be at the butt of your character you see less on a gnome. And at some point that is annoying, especially when you are forced to zoom in or turn your screen and get totally lost on where you’re going because everything is reversed.

However, being as small as they are can have advantages. Take for instance the shaman I encountered and killed yesterday. If I would be on any other char, they would have no problem with finding me and slaughtering me. However on a gnome you are able to hide behind a small bush. And even tho they target you automatically because you attack them, they have no idea where you are. Especially agains melee classes this can be an advantage. You are out of range of them, but they are not out of range for you. Hide behind a bush and by the time they found you, they’re lying dead on the floor.

For now I’m hiding behind bushes, killing whatever comes in my way and zooming out to the max. So I can look over the bush I hide behind.


Posted January 13, 2010 by Kassandri in Mage, Randomness

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